Inspiration from My Wash Day

Hi there. How was your weekend? Hope you had a restful one like I did?! My wash day yesterday went really well and inspired me too. Here’s what happened…
I had an interesting pre-weekend and since I’ve been going for low manipulation because of my shedding (see post here Wash Day), I decided to wig it since my last wash day. PS: I’m so in love with my Vivica Fox Kara wig right now. Any ways I washed my hair yesterday after carrying it in calabar braids for 2 weeks.

  •  I skipped pre-poo, detangled my hair first with my fingers and then with my seamless comb working from my ends to my roots.
  • Made my hair into about 10 calabar braids and washed with Giovanni sulfate-free shampoo.
  • Skipped a tea rinse….no let me confess, totally forgot to do a tea rinse and I was looking forward to this wash day because I wanted to try out a green tea rinse*sobs*. Next wash day right?
  • Took your advice and applied a moisture Dc on my roots (Motions moisture plus conditioner) and a mild protein Dc on my ends (Organics Hair Mayo).
  • Kept that on for an hour under a silk cap wrapped in a hot towel (definitely in need of a heat cap or hooded dryer).
  • Rinsed out with cool water.
  • Did not apply any leave ins (which I definitely would not skip again) and air dried completely.
  • Moisturized with a mix of  Elasta Qp Olive oil and mango butter and Mega profective leave in strengthener and sealed with coconut oil. Applied my Hair grow (see review here Product Review) and JBCO to my edges and nape.
  • Made my hair back into 4 calabar braids which has become my protective style of late mostly because I wear wigs a lot. Made 2 french braids at the back and 2 dutch braids in front.
My hair shed a little compared to the last time but not sure if y’all think its a lot.

This wash day was good because I took your advice and applied a moisture Dc to my roots and protein Dc to my ends. My hair felt really soft by the time I put it back into my calabar braids and am definitely going to start doing this when deep conditioning from now on. Although, I didn’t apply any leave-ins when my hair was about 80% dry mostly because I was tired and feeling sleepy; I would definitely not try that again because my hair was kinda hard and brittle and so it took me quite a while to moisturize.

You all know I complained about excessive shedding which has been a setback and when I saw that my hair was actually breaking not shedding this time I became so sad and was running out of patience. But then I remembered my hair goal and how thin my hair used to be before starting my hair journey and decided I could either give up or ask God for extra patience and am sure you know what choice I made.

My hair may not be growing as fast as I want it to but it’s definitely healthier than it used to be and fuller too so I’m going to keep giving it all the Tlc it deserves and I know it would gradually begin to respond.
Sorry for the long post.  Check out other posts about wash day on the #washdayexperience. How did your wash day go?


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