Tea Rinses

Hi there, I decided to do a full post about black tea rinses and its benefits because I’ve tried it and it works. A tea rinse basically is steeping any amount of tea bags of your choice in hot water, allow to cool to room temperature and pouring it over your hair or rinsing your hair with it. At some point in our hair lives, we’ve experienced shedding or breakage probably because of manipulation or improper care of our hair. Tea rinses help to control shedding and breakage. According to science, there’s a male hormone which is responsible for hair loss or as an article put it “an enemy of hair growth” loool!!! The name of this hormone is dihydro testosterone popularly known as DHT and has been written about by a few hair bloggers. This hormone basically causes hair loss through a process known as “miniaturization.  It also causes the hair follicles to shrink. You can read more about it by googling it which is what I did.
Doing a tea rinse is really simple; Jen of Just grow already has a post on Tea Rinses: How to and benefits. However, this is how I do mine.
  • I steep 2 bags of Lipton yellow tea or any tea available at the time in hot water.
  • Allow to cool to room temperature while prepooing and shampooing.
  • After shampooing, I pour the tea over my head. (I do not towel dry to remove any excess)
  • I then apply my deep conditioner over the already poured tea which I didn’t rinse out.
  • Leave my deep condition on as usual and carry out the remaining process of my regimen.
Note; Tea rinses tend to leave your hair feeling brittle and dry so its best to use a moisturizing conditioner to deep condition. 
How do you do your tea rinses?

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