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Two-in- one; Product Review and Wash Day

Hi Everyone, how’s  your Saturday going? I hope y’all took advantage of Jumia’s Black Friday sales yesterday and bought me something *winks*. I didn’t get anything cos I found out late about the sales *covers face*. I know, the news was everywhere but I’ve been so busy I didn’t even give it a thought. Anyways there’s still cyber Monday so *fingers crossed*.
Today’s post is 2-in-1. I’ll give the review of the product before explaining how I used it for my wash day.

Product Review
My friend was in Nigeria last week, and I asked him to get me something *drum roll* wait for it –  I got myself a HEAT CAP!!! Yope! Yope! I didn’t have an idea if they sold heat caps here in Nigeria and I was pretty sure it’ll be expensive if they did. My friend helped me get it in London for a lil over £22 (naira equivalent almost ₦6000). He got white because the other colours were more expensive. It came folded in a small packet ( see pictures below) with instructions and a disposable plastic cap.

The heat cap is made of towel fabric so its really really soft. Inside the heat cap are gel packs – 2 on each side, and 4 on top and at the back. The gels are what keep the heat cap hot and they stay hot for quite a while.

There are two methods in using the heat cap or heat wrap. I’ll try and summarize them because they are quite lengthy. The first method is the Stove Top Method:
– Boil 2 litres of water in a large pan and take off heat.
– Using kitchen tongs place gel packs in hot water for no more than 5 mins (do not put the towel cover in water).
– Remove gel packs from hot water and allow to cool for 1 minute (you’ll probably notice that the gels have swollen because of the hot water, so you have to allow it return to its normal size before using it).
– Re- insert gel packs into toweling cover and seal properly with the hook and loop strips.

Microwave Method (This is the method I used)
Microwave wattage varies so you will need to determine the total heating time when using it for the first time.
– Heat the heat cap with the gel packs inside on high for 60 seconds, wait for 30 seconds and check if it is hot.
– If more heat is required, try a further 10 seconds and test again. Repeat every 10 seconds till the desired temperature is reached (do not exceed 90 seconds in total heating time or in one go).
– Remove from microwave, allow the gel packs to cool and return to their normal size and then use.

My Analysis
What I love about the heat cap is its easy to use and take with you anywhere. The methods are also very suitable especially here in Nigeria where we do not have constant electricity. I used the microwave method because there was light and I felt it was easier and safer.
Another thing I love is its adjustable. So if you have a small head like mine, dont worry you can still use this heat wrap. It has a tail at the back which you twist till its fits and then fasten on the strip on top of the wrap.

I didnt have any problems using this product except its color because white is difficult to maintain. However, I’m in love with it and will keep using it till I add a steamer or hooded dryer to my collection.

Now to my wash day;
– I detangled with Olive oil and pre-pooed using my new heat cap for an hour with a mix of coconut, castor and olive oil already heated.

– I then made my hair into calabar braids and clarified twice using Vo5 moisturizing shampoo. My hair was really dirty from all the dust from travelling and mostly product build-up.
– Did a tea-rinse with 2 bags of Lipton yellow tea steeped in hot water for 2 hours (must definitely try a green tea rinse next wash day without fail).
–  Deep conditioned with Motions moisture plus (moisture) on my roots and Organics hair mayonnaise (protein) on my ends using my new heat cap again for 30 mins. This method of deep conditioning works for me because it makes my hair really soft and easy to de-tangle (thanks ladies for suggesting that).

– Air dried till my hair was 70% dry.
– Loosened each braid, detangled and then moisturized and sealed with Elasta Qp olive oil and mango butter(protein) and Mega profective leave-in-strengthener(moisture) and a mix of olive and coconut oil.
– Applied my wilmart hair grow and Jbco to my scalp, edges and nape.
– Made my hair back into tiny braids so I can try a braid out on Sunday to church.

I’ve never really tried any protective styles other than buns and wig so i’m looking forward to seeing how my braid out will turn out. I’ll definitely keep you posted on that.

My wash day was amazeballs without any hassles.

How did your wash day go?

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