Wash Day

Hi lovelies, how was your weekend?! Welcome to the month of November. All of God’s blessings for you this month will not pass you by and you will not carry over your prayer requests in Jesus Name…Amen!!!

So, I washed my hair last Saturday and it was awesome*inserts smile*. I didn’t prepoo because I’ve been extremely lazy to prepoo *covers face*. This is my first official wash day on my blog *yaaaaaay*.

  •  I detangled my hair with olive oil after sectioning my hair into 4.
  •   Then I clarified twice with Vo5 moisturizing shampoo because my hair was really really dirty (I so love this shampoo because of its strong strawberry smell).
  • Did a tea rinse with 2 Lipton yellow tea bags (steeped for 30 minutes).
  • Deep conditioned with the tea still in my hair using my Organics hair mayonnaise. I didn’t mix it with my motions moisture plus conditioner because I’ve been experiencing a lot of breakage especially the ends of my hair, Anyone with a solution to breakage at hair ends please help?!
  • Kept it on for 30 minutes by wrapping my hair in a hot towel (basically a hand towel i soaked in hot water) and placed a plastic cap over it. I really need to get a heat cap or hooded dryer.
  • Rinsed out with cool water and dried with a t-shirt.
  • Allowed my hair to dry about 80% before applying my leave ins Elasta Qp olive oil and mango butter and mega profective leave-in strengthener.
  • After my hair had dried completely even thought i had to sit in front of a standing fan for that to happen, i moisturized using my leave ins again and sealed with a mixture of coconut oil and olive oil and Jamaican black castor oil mango and lime for my edges and nape.
I’m still kinda shoulder length and aiming for armpit length by December *fingers crossed*. Below is a picture of my shoulder length hair.
My hair felt really soft and clean after my wash and I was so pleased. Happy Hair = Happy Me. Although, I’ve been experiencing a lot of breakage at the ends of my hair. It’s so bad that when i put my hand in my hair and out, lots of hair follow *sobs*. Please any suggestions because i’m open to anything right now.
Have a blessed week.


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