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Wig Review: Vivica Fox Express Kara Wig

Hi lovelies, how was your weekend? I didn’t do much this weekend except go visit my sister who is in boarding school. I miss her plenty *sniffs* *sniffs*. Anyways, I got this Vivica Fox Express wig below last month so this review is long overdue.

 In my final year in University, this was the wig for the “big girls” mostly because it was quite expensive then and still kinda is now. I’ve always admired this wig from afar but decided to buy it after I was done with my nysc.
It’s a Vivica Fox Express Synthetic Half wig (although it doesn’t look and feel synthetic). I got it at the Casabella shop in the mall at Ringroad, Ibadan, Oyo state though you can get it at any Casabella shop in Nigeria. The price was a little high for me but I decided to see it as buying two packets of human hair weave-ons. I got it for N8,950 and the price may still go higher because I was told it is a fast seller here in Nigeria. Although it’s much cheaper when I checked the price online. The wig came in a transparent plastic pack and also came with a black headband. Sorry I dont have pictures of the pack.

I love the look of the wig cos its really full and curly and also cos I have a small cute head *winks*. The style of this Express Synthetic Wig is called HW-Kara-V (the hw meaning half wig). I think they have other styles too. It comes in various colors and highlights but mine as you can see is color 2 which is dark brown. It has 2 small combs; one in front and the other at the back so you can put the combs through your hair to prevent the wig from falling off and being embarrassed. It also has two adjustable clips by the side to adjust the wig to the size of your head. (Sorry my phone’s camera isn’t really clear).

There are 2 ways you can wear this wig; section about an inch or two of your front hair, wear the wig and comb your hair over it or
– put your hair in cornrows or calabar braids and wear the wig over it, letting the front part of your hair show just a little.
I do the second method because I don’t know if the first method will fit me and I want to protect my hair as much as possible. I’ll definitely try the first method someday and see how it fits.  See a picture of me rocking my wig below.

– The wig is versatile and for those who like full hair its great for you.
– It’s easy to maintain and detangle. I spray it with hair spray and I dont have to do so every time i’m wearing it out because it retains moisture.
– The older it gets, the finer it looks so you can use it for a very long time.
– You can care for your hair and look fabulous at the same time.
– You’ll always get compliments every time you wear your wig out*winks*.

– It is quite pricey especially if you are on a budget.
– It will tangle fast if you dont spray or moisturize it; learnt that the hard way.

Here’s another picture of Kelly Rowland rocking the wig too.

All-in-all, I love this wig and would recommend it as a protective style to anyone.

What wigs do you use as protective styling??


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