Hair Update

Hi ladies.  This is my first hair update of the year. I think once the year is over I would probably stop having firsts. Lol! I Co washed my hair on Saturday and though it went well I’m beginning to have small troubles with my new growth.

I have about an inch of new growth and because of the weather, I have to constantly moisturise and seal or face the risk of matting which will eventually lead to breakage. So I devised a hair plan my Harmattan regimen and I’ve been following it strictly. One of the products that has helped me with my new growth is my Mega profective leave in strengthener.  It works amazing miracles😊.  It makes my hair really soft and this helps when moisturising or trying a protective style.  My only problem is I have to apply it constantly because the weather practically dries my hair in seconds. I am definitely #notafanofharmattan.

I intend to install crotchet braids next week as a protective style, so I am going to skip my washday this weekend and do so next week instead to prepare my hair for it. Watch out for a post on how i’ll install the crotchet braids.

I hope that I am able to manage my new growth till i’m ready to relax my hair next year March. My plans involve more protective styles till then. *fingers crossed for me ladies*.

What has your hair been upto lately?


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