My Harmattan Regimen

Hi ladies. Hope you’ve entered the spirit of Christmas😊. I adjusted my regimen because the Harmattan season has commenced here in Abuja and the weather is now cold, dry, and dusty…urrrghhh! Well,  the good news is there’s no excuse to be lazy anymore because if I don’t moisturise often my hair will become brittle and break. No way!!! This is my adjusted regimen;
– Co wash every week ( did this when I felt like,  but it’s necessary now to help retain moisture).
– Wash every 2 weeks.
– Deep condition with more of moisture than protein since the weather is drier now.
– Moisturise and seal more often ( found an empty spray bottle and made a runny solution of my leave-in conditioner;  mega profective leave in strengthener with a drop of coconut and olive oil ).
– Introduce baggying weekly before co wash ( it’s a way of retaining moisture in your ends ).
– I intend to install crotchet braids in 2 weeks as a protective style to reduce manipulation and for Christmas😉.

Also I joined phrophro’s #growthchallenge2015. You can read about it and sign up too here

Have you recently adjusted your regimen? 


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