Protective Style

Protective Style; Crochet Braids

Hi Ladies. How are y’all? I missed you all much! I know I’ve been away for a while, I travelled to Kogi State, Nigeria to celebrate my grandparent’s 50th wedding anniversary. It was a long one week of prepping, dancing, eating and catching up with my cousins and extended family but I’m grateful to God, friends and family that it turned out great. Before I left, I promised a post on how i’ll install my crochet braids so here goes. I washed my hair on Tuesday the 16th after doing a baggy the previous night on my ends with a mix of castor and coconut oil.

  • The next morning I detangled my hair with olive oil and skipped a pre-poo.
  • Made my hair into calabar braids and clarified with Vo5 Moisturizing shampoo.
  • Did a tea rinse with two bags of Lipton Green tea steeped in hot water for 1 hr.
  • Decided to use more of my protein conditioner to give my hair strength for the installation of the crochet braids. So I used my Vo5 repair and protect strengthening conditioner and Motions moisture plus conditioner. I’m gradually running out of a few products so I need to re-stock soon.
  • Dc’d with my heat cap for an hour while doing other things and then washed it out.
  • My hair felt soft and strong at the same time which was what I was trying to achieve.
  • Air dried and applied my leave-ins Mega profective leave-in strengthener (which I’m also running out of quickly) and Elasta Qp olive oil and mango butter.
  • Applied my Wilmart Hair grow, Jbco and Coconut oil to my scalp, edges and nape.
The next day I made my hair into cornrows (picture below) and started installing my braids.

 I had a protective style in mind  already (picture above) so I looked for a hair that was similar to Marley hair since it’s difficult to get Marley hair here in Nigeria. I found one by Amigos called Dancing Curl. I used two colours (color 33 and 1) since I could not get one in color 1 b.
Now here’s where I started having problems. I didn’t have the hair pin for crochet braids and thought a normal crochet pin would be able to do the braids too. I was so wrong!!! Because a normal crochet pin doesn’t have a clasp like the hair pin, it kept hooking my hair each time I tried to pull the pin under the cornrow. So what should have taken me 30 to 1 hour took me two whole days. My mum finally helped me and we ended up using a small safety pin since that could slide under my cornrows easily.
Because it took me so long to install, I could not properly take pictures and I’ve not started making videos yet. But you can Google crochet braids videos which is what I did and watch how it is installed. Anyways, after 2 whole days of torture *winks* I finally finished installing my crochet braids and it turned out beautiful. Not exactly the style I had in mind but still great.
I got a lot of lovely comments on Instagram and questions on how to do this protective style. I may take the braids off soon though because I’m already getting tired of it and miss my hair!!! But I’m definitely a crochet braids lover and would keep doing it in 2015.
Remember my Harmattan Regimen Post and how I joined the #growthchallenge2015?! Well, there are 4 routines for the challenge and I’m doing both the Ninja Growth Routine and Rested Growth Routine. Installing braids, weaves and making cornrows falls under the Rested growth routine although I’m following my Harmattan regimen in taking care of my hair till the Harmattan fades away. #stillnotafanofharmattan.
See another picture of me rocking my crochet braids a few hours after I made it.
If you haven’t joined the #growthchallenge2015, you can still do so by checking it out here  
I want to wish you my readers a Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New year. 2015 would be a much better year and we’d all keep soaring in our various endeavors, hair wise and otherwise in Jesus Name. Amen.
Ps: Does anyone know where I can buy the crochet hair pin here in Nigeria?
What protective style have you done lately?


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