Protective Style

Protective Style

I’m currently 17 weeks post relaxer and I’m still hoping I can stretch to 20 weeks before relaxing though I’m slowly losing my patience!!! I have about 2 to 3 inches of new growth to the extent that my mum says I’m becoming natural. Lol!!! Don’t be surprised if you see a post soon of my relaxer update because that means I’ve given up already.

So I was checking out wash day posts on Just grow already by Jen and discovered a new hair blogger; Keoshia of Mrsdoingme. I love discovering hair blogs I didn’t know existed so I quickly checked and saw a cute protective style that she rocked. It’s really simple to do and it protects your ends while allowing you to look chic.  She also did a tutorial on the blog on how to achieve this style.  Since I was staying at my friends’ and we were going out practically everyday,  I decided to abandon my wig (because harmattan has disappeared and we’re sweating now…lol! ) and  rock this style.

Back View

Side Twist
My puffy cheeks

I think I tried for a first timer and hope I get better at it.

What protective styles have you done lately? 


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