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Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award

Hi ladies. How was your weekend? Mine was great and
emotional. Spent the weekend at my friend’s house because she was leaving for
further studies. I miss you plenty Angie *sniffs* sniffs*.
So I got nominated for another award by the amazing
Uzo of donttouchthehair. This is my
second award since I started my blog and it means I must be doing something
right  to get nominated. *winks*.  Like other awards, there are rules that have
to be followed.



  1. Thank
    the blogger who nominated you, linking back to their site.
  2. Put
    the award logo on your blog.
  3. Answer
    their ten questions.
  4. Make
    up ten new questions for your nominees
  5. Nominate
    10 bloggers
Thank you very much Uzo. It means a lot to me that you constantly remember me and help promote my blog. Uzo mentioned in her post that the 10 question rule
had been adjusted twice before her. So I am also going to answer the question. Now,
each nominee should “Tell us about a part of you
that you struggled with (maybe a habit, nose, shape, leg etc) and how you
overcame the fear.” 
The aim is to help women accept every part
of their bodies and personalities.
The answer to this question was very easy because I recently
overcame that struggle. I never use to like my legs. Before I entered boarding
school, I used to have spots from mosquito bites or tiny injuries. Then on
entering boarding school, everything escalated. It took a while for my body to
adjust to the weather and environment but by the time that happened, I had a
million black spots from sand flies mostly and mosquito bites. For a while in
University I stopped wearing skirts and wore only trousers until I made up my
mind that enough was enough. To make matters worse, a guy I had a huge crush on
kept reminding me of the spots constantly and when I decided to kick him out of
my life I saw myself in a different light. When I started dating my boyfriend
it took him months before he even noticed I had spots and that was after I told
him. He made me realize that people weren’t even noticing it and it was mostly
in my subconscious. So I’m grateful to God for helping me overcome that and now
I wear my skirts and even bum shorts as I please. *wink* *wink*.
I use the same question as Uzo and nominate the
following bloggers;
  1. Judith
    of Judith Therese Blog
  2. Keoshia
    of Mrs Doing Me
  3. Tomes of Tomesedition
  4.  Berry
    of Berry Dakara Blog
  5.  Sisi
    of Sisiyemmie Blog
  6. Yvonne
    of Diary of a Relaxed Chic
  7. Dabs
    of Naija Hair Can Grow
  8.  Meg
    of Ulovemegz
  9. Lade
    of Hairducation
  10. Coutnea
    of Finally Growing

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