Wash Day ; Length Check

Ladies. Welcome to 2015!!! This is our year of unlimited Favor and Grace. God
is taking us to greater heights this year in Jesus Name. Amen. 
This is
my first wash day post of the year and I also did a length check. My wash day
this past weekend went smoothly and my hair responded well even with all the
new growth I have. Here’s how it went;

  • I took
    down my crotchet braids because I was tired of them and missed my hair. Also,
    accidentally chopped my hair with a scissors but I’m not worried. It’ll grow
    back this year!
  • Pre-pooed the night before with a heated mix of coconut oil, olive oil and
    peppermint oil. The
    next morning my hair began itching like crazy probably because of the
    peppermint oil.
  • Detangled my hair using olive oil and made it into calabar braids for my wash
  • Clarified once with V05 moisturizing shampoo and also used Giovanni Smooth as
    silk sulfate-free shampoo too.
  • Did a
    tea rinse with 2 bags of Lipton green tea steeped in hot water for 30 minutes.
    I tried the pour
    and catch method
     by Jen of Just Grow already but with my
    head bent forward.
  • Deep
    conditioned with Motions moisture plus on my roots and Ors Hair Mayo on my ends
    for 2 hrs using my heat cap. Did this without rinsing the tea out. .
  • Rinsed
    and air-dried.
  • Applied
    my leave-ins when 70% dry. Took my time this wash day to apply my leave-ins and
    use products I dont use often. I undid each braid and first applied Emily
    Millionaire coconut oil and herbs, ( i dont use this product often because it
    weighs my hair down and also because of the smell) then Elasta Qp olive oil and
    mango butter and Mega profective leave-in strengthener. I then sealed with
    coconut oil.
  • Though
    this process took a while, my hair loved me for it because it kept my hair
    moisturized for at least 2 full days before I moisturized and sealed again.

I was
supposed to put up this post about 3 days ago but wanted to do a length check
first. Finally did it yesterday with my Ottimo hair straightener.
My hair
is still shoulder length but its much fuller and my edges have grown out.
I am
currently 15 weeks post relaxer and hope I can stretch to at least 20 weeks
before I think of relaxing. *fingers crossed for me ladies*.
did your wash day go?

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