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Blog and Hair Goals 2015

Hiya ladies. How’s your week going? I know this post
is a little late but “better late than never” right? I wrote down my hair and
blog goals for 2015 and I want to share it with you. I’m putting it on the blog
so I can hold myself accountable and you can too. These are my hair goals for

  • To retain length by stretching my relaxer periods.
  • To incorporate more protective styles and post them on the blog.
  • To do more of the Inverted V method at least every 2 months (I’ve only tried this once and didn’t even do it for a week *hides face
    in shame*).
  • To drink lots of water and use my Hydro coach app
    seriously because sometimes I ignore the notifications *runs away*.
  • To be fully armpit length or even mid-back length by
    the end of the year.

Okay I know I haven’t really been a good girl but
I’m going to try harder this year and not fall off the wagon. So help me God!
Now my blog goals are:
  • To blog consistently by organizing my social media
    schedules. I already have this written down and hope to follow it strictly.
  • To organize my blog so readers can navigate through
    posts and find what they are searching for easily.
  • To start giveaways so my readers know they are

I’ve also decided to blog about myself and my
interests so my readers can learn more about me. I may not do this every week,
but I will definitely do it at least twice a month.

are your hair or blog goals for 2015?


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