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Cute Valentine Gift and Wash Day

Hi ladies. How did you spend your valentine’s day?
As for me, I fell ill and stayed in bed all day. I know…the worst way to spend
my Val’s day right?! Anyways, I cheered up when I got a really cute gift from
my boyfriend. 

It’s a throw-pillow with the inscriptions “Forget valentine’s
day…I love you every day!” 

Awww he’s the best and he really made my day and
made me forget I was ill for a second. We usually don’t celebrate valentine so
you can imagine how shocked and pleased I was and also because he’s away
studying and still thought of sending me a gift down here. Te amo mi amor!!!

So I washed my hair in the evening of Valentine’s
day. I was feeling better and decided not to procrastinate and it was a good
wash day ++ I did an unconventional length check to see if my Hairfinity is
really working. I just get excited when I see progress in my hair and I always
check especially on wash days. Lol!

  • Detangled my hair first with my fingers, then with a
    wide toothed comb.
  • Pre-pooed with Coconut oil, Olive oil, Shea butter
    and peppermint oil (in the small black bottle btw) all heated for 30 minutes with heat. I
    haven’t done this in a while and I should do this more often. My hair felt
    so soft and I knew it was worth it. Peppermint oil has a lot of benefits and I
    would put up a post on that soon.
  • Washed with Giovanni Smooth as silk sulfate-free
    shampoo twice.
  • Applied my deep conditioner; Motions moisture plus
    to roots and Organics hair mayo to ends. I also used the remaining Replenishing
    conditioner from my Olive oil Relaxer kit because I didn’t want to leave it
    open for too long. Did this using my heat cap for one hour or basically till
    the gels had gone warm.
  • I was supposed to do a tea rinse with Twinning’s tea
    which I had already steeped in hot water for over 2 hours. But then I forgot
    because I left it in the bedroom! I was so sad I almost cried. Yes it was that
    serious. Next time I will steep the tea and leave it in the bathroom so I don’t
  • After rinsing out my conditioner, my hair was unusually
    soft and this made me happy. My pre-poo must have gone a long way.
  • Air-dried till my hair was 90% dry. It took so long
    for my roots to dry I had to section them and use a hand fan. Lol!
  • Applied my leave-ins; Mega profective leave-in
    strengthener and Elasta Qp olive oil and mango which I need to replace ASAP or
    try another product.
  • Sealed with coconut oil all over my head and then
    Jbco for my edges and nape.

Made my hair into side twists and tucked in my ends.
Can you see how thick my hair is in the middle and then thin at my nape in the picture above? I
really need to work on that and my edges too. I use coconut oil and Jbco on
them a lot and I avoid tight buns and updos because of my Inverted V. But if
you have any other suggestions, I’ll be happy to hear them.

Btw, my Hairfinity is working wonders but the final
verdict will be when am done with the dosage. Can you tell I’m excited?!
*covers face*

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Have a blessed week ahead…


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