Easy Breezy Wash Day

Hi ladies. How was your weekend? I missed you and
hope you missed me too. My weekend was slow and boring although the year is
really fast. I can’t believe we’re in the second week in February. God is
I washed my hair this past weekend and it was great.
Washing and styling my hair after relaxing it is the best thing in the hair
kingdom. Because my hair is kinda sleek though it still has texture, it made
this wash day simple and easy. I couldn’t have been more pleased. Here’s how it

  • Detangled my hair first with my finger and then with
    a wide tooth comb.
  • Sectioned it into calabar braids and applied Olive
    oil on the braids since I did not detangle using any oils.
  • Clarified my hair twice using Vo5 Moisturizing
    shampoo. I needed to clarify because my hair had so much product buildup from
    protective styling and it is always good to ensure your hair is clean after
    relaxing it to remove any particles of relaxer that could have remained.
  • Deep conditioned using my heat cap for 30 minutes by
    applying Motions moisture plus (moisture) to my roots and Organics Hair Mayo
    (protein) to my ends.
  • Rinsed and t-shirt dried to soak up excess water.
  • Air-dried and applied my leave-ins when 80% dry;
    Elasta QP olive oil and mango butter and Mega profective leave-in strengthener.
I decided to try Bantu knots for the first time and
watched a tutorial on YouTube by DenayTheDiva. I made only 9 knots, tied my silk scarf, put a
hair net on to secure the scarf and slept. The next morning I untwisted the
knots and I didn’t like the way they looked so I finger combed through to make
my hair look fuller. 
I loved that the knots came out really curly. I’ve not been able to get curls like that since I started texlaxing even with flexi
rods. This style is really quick and easy to do and does not require a lot of
manipulation. It doesn’t take up your time either. I started and finished in
less than 30 minutes.
PS: Sorry about my shoe photo-bombing!
What I didn’t like about this Bantu knot is that the
part of my hair which is still straight and not texlaxed was curlier than my
texlaxed roots. Infact my roots didn’t even curl at all. They were just poofy which I love though. I would have loved if my roots had curled too because that
would have made it easier for me to style and rock this look for a while.
Has anyone had a similar problem with their Bantu
knots? What new protective style have you tried recently?
Have a Blessed week ahead…


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