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Love and Hairfinity!

Hi ladies. It’s another beautiful Friday, the start
to a wonderful weekend. It’s also Valentine’s eve *winks*.  I hope you are ready to show lots of Love
tomorrow even though I believe we shouldn’t show Love only on Val’s day!!

I haven’t done much to my hair this week except
moisturize and seal consistently. My Bantu knots fell by the second day so I
made my hair into two side braids and tucked in the ends. I finally got my
Hairfinity!! *whoops* *whoops*. I’ve been eyeing the bottle ever since I first heard
about it but it was too expensive for me to buy then. I was randomly surfing
the web last month and came across the ad again so I clicked on it and guess
what?, the price had reduced. I immediately placed an order for one bottle and
it was delivered to my doorstep by DealDey in 4 days. I had it for about 2
weeks so I could start officially on the first of this month but unfortunately,
I still ended up starting late. Oh 

I have been taking the pills consistently, though I
missed one day by accident. I have heard a lot of reviews about this vitamin.
Some say it causes break outs, others say nothing happened to them and they saw
a visible growth in their hair. Well here’s my assessment so far;
  • The pills were delivered on time; I paid 5,000 Naira
    for it and about 1,500 Naira for delivery.
  • I’ve been taking them consistently since last week
    Thursday and so far so good I haven’t experienced any break outs. I also make sure to drink lots of water before
    and after I take the pill.
  • I have started noticing the improvement in my
    hair; it looks fuller and thicker but the final verdict will be after I’m done
    with the dosage.

 The pills are to be taken for 30 days consistently.
There are 60 pills, so 2 pills per day.
 It also has a number of supplements including;
Calcium, Folic Acid, Biotin, Pantothenic Acid, Vitamin A, C, B and D. There are
other supplements but these are the ones I am familiar with. I will do a full
research on all the supplements and post it on the blog along with my results
when am done with the dosage.
Have you taken any supplements recently?

Have an amazing Valentine celebration and don’t forget
to show love to me also by commenting on my blog *kisses*…


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