Novel Reader Alert!!

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Hi ladies. TGIF innit?! I know…I’ve been looking
forward to it all week! Lol!!! I mentioned in this post that I’m an avid novel
reader. I started reading when I was 8 or even younger and I’m still reading at
an alarming rate as a matter of fact! 

I used to read Enid Blyton’s books
(remember her?) and I read almost all the books in the famous five series…The Mystery
of the Hidden house, The Mystery of the Disappearing cat. Unfortunately, my mum couldn’t get the rest of the series *sad*. I also read the complete 6 books in
the series “Malory Towers” and the 9 books in St Claire’s series about the twin
girls…remember those too? Good ol’days. After exhausting all these books and
reading them again and again a million times till I knew most of the words by
heart, my mum bought another set of books; this time 22 in number. I know…it
was a lot!! “Left Behind” by Jerry B. Jenkins and Tim LaHaye. I finished the
whole series during my summer holiday that year. I thought that it ended at No
22 only for me to find out it has 18 more books! I guess I’m once more on the
reading spree. Phew!!! By the way, my mum bought the remaining 18. I
know…amazing mum or what?!

By the time I entered secondary school, I found a
new love in romance books. Lol! I had an Aunt who used to buy Heart song’s
Christian romance. I’d steal them to read and return them back when she was not
around. Lmao! Real good ol’days. As I grew older, I discovered other authors
like Karen Kingsbury (I love her Series), Lori Wick (my favourite author btw),
Francine Rivers (she’s an amazing and gifted writer, I love that her stories
center on everyday situations). There are other great Christian writers, but
these are my all-time favourites. You may have noticed that I only read Christian
novels and this is because I just can’t comprehend other novels. Don’t get me
wrong though, there are good books out there but I’ve tried reading them and
they’re just not for me. Although, I have read a couple of Nora Robert’s books
and she’s an amazing writer too. I love her trilogies. I don’t like sci-fi or
thrillers. The action and amount of words and technology they use makes me
sleep. Same goes for movies too. Lol! I love series, trilogies, romance,
real-life stories.

Ps:I have a big box of all the novels I’ve bought and
for the ones I’ll keep buying because I hope to have a personal library
Anyways, here’s what I’m currently reading;

“Whatever tomorrow brings” by Lori Wick. It’s the
first book in the series “The Californians” and it’s centered in the 18th
century in a town called Santa Rosa. I’m definitely not telling you the whole
story. If you want to read it, buy it or better still send me a mail so I can
direct you to where I bought mine here in Abuja or be nice enough to borrow you

Before I go have a fun-filled weekend and hope you
have one too, enjoy this protective style I rocked during the week below. Thank
you Keoshia of Mrsdoingme for creating this fabulous style. It’s become my
favourite easy to do protective style. Check out her blog for more creative styles.
Have a fabulous weekend ladies *hugs and kisses*…


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