Relaxer Update

Hi Ladies. How was your weekend? Mine was eventful.  Welcome to the month of February. I love February because its the shortest month and its the month of Love AKA Valentine. God will open the windows of Heaven and shower you with his blessings this month in Jesus Name. Amen!!
I finally ended my 20 week relaxer stretch this past Saturday and it was
definitely better than the last one. This is my first relaxer update on the
blog and second on my hair journey. Whoops! Whoops!! My first was in October last year. Before I
explain how this touch up went, let me recap the one of last year;

  • I retouched at 24 weeks post relaxer (6 months) and
    I made a decision to texlax. I did this because I have a small cute head
    *winks* and retouching my hair bone straight makes it look even smaller. I’ve always wanted full hair so I decided to try a texlax and it worked for me. I
    first read about texlaxing here and here on Rehairducation by Lade.
  • Prior to my hair journey, I used Dark and lovely
    Beautiful Beginnings hair relaxer (for kids) because I have very soft hair even
    with new growth.
  • When I first texlaxed, I had to trim off a lot of
    weak ends and so my hair had different lengths all over. I did the touch up
    myself and it looked like it went well until I started having crazy shedding a
    week later. I learnt about tea rinses and this helped reduce the shedding.

to my recent touch up;
  • I washed my hair last week to prepare myself for
    this touch up. Contrary to the belief that out hair has to be dirty before retouching,
    your hair should be washed at least a week or 2 weeks before retouching.
  • Parted my hair into 4 sections, detangled and combed
    to avoid matting, applied olive oil to all of my hair including my new growth
    and then made one inch twists in each section. This helps me apply my relaxer
    and smoothen it effectively.
  • I used Olive oil No lye relaxer extra strength
    because I’ve heard nice comments about it by other hair bloggers. This is my
    first time using an adult relaxer (I’m growing up innit?). By the way, I found
    it was extra strength after I’d finished relaxing. LMAO!

  • I used the half and half method which involves
    relaxing your hair one half at a time. Starting from the middle, mixed and
    applied relaxer to only the new growth on each twist. Application and smoothing
    took 15 minutes. Moving forward, I may find another method to relax my hair because
    I can’t get my plastic caps to stay on without allowing water enter the other
    half of my hair. You can watch how to self-relax here Just grow already.
  • Rinsed the relaxer after leaving it on for 5 minutes and neutralized 3 times with the Ors Creamy Aloe Shampoo that came in the kit.
  • Repeated the application and smoothing process to
    the front half. After relaxing the front half, I neutralized the whole hair
    again 2 times to remove any traces of relaxer. This is very very important.
  • Did a mid-step protein treatment with Aphogee
    Keratin 2 minute Reconstructor for 5 minutes. Applied this to my whole hair
    using medium heat. I bought the sachet in the picture above for N300 in Wuse
    market. I was so happy because I’ve wanted to buy this for a very long time.
  • Deep conditioned with Motions Moisture plus
    conditioner for 45 minutes using my heat cap.
  • Rinsed and air dried till 80%. Applied leave ins (Elasta
    Qp olive oil and mango butter and Mega Profective leave-in strengthener) and allowed
    to air dry completely.
  • Applied heat protectant; Olive oil smoother and
    polisher serum and did a length check. Here are the results;
Overall, I’m super-duper pleased with how this touch
up turned out. My hair is fuller and I seem to have retained some length. I’m
going to have to do a trim most likely after my wash day next week. 
Ps: I made
my length check shirt myself after reading how to here. The white shirt is my
Nysc shirt, used a black marker and ruler and voila Length check t-shirt!!! This is
my most proudest DIY if there’s a word like that. Lol!!!
I Learnt about this touch up and things I still have to work on;
  • I learnt relaxing your hair yourself allows you
    to be in control of what you want. I washed off my relaxer when I wanted to and
    I definitely did it better than my first time. Cheers to me.
  • I watched a video by Jen of Just Grow Already on how to self-relax and even though I watched it the last time, I was able to
    understand it better and apply the processes.
  • I still have to work on keeping my plastic caps in
    place when relaxing. The caps came off when washing off the relaxer from my
    back half and made my front half really wet. This happened the last time but
    will not happen again.
  • I did my mid –step protein treatment after
    neutralizing not before. I wondered if doing this was wrong because most hair
    bloggers do their treatment before neutralizing.
  • I may not stretch as long as I did again because my
    hair didn’t seem to like this stretch at all and it kept getting more difficult
    to maintain as the stretched increased. I may start relaxing at 4 months post
    relaxer but let’s see how it goes.
  • I tried using a hair sprush which I got from Grand
    Square, Abuja but I discontinued after seeing strands of my hair on the
    sprush. I’d have to learn how to use one or just do the plain old style using
    the hair gloves.
I tried comparing my hair length from last year till
now. I didn’t see much difference in the length except that my hair is fuller
now than it was last year. But I may be wrong so tell me what you think. Left:
January 2015, Upper Right: Early January 2015 and Lower Right: November 2015.

you relaxed your hair recently? How did it go?


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