Wash Day with Twinings Tea

Hiya ladies. I know I’ve been Mia and you’ve missed
me. I’m so sorry. This past week was very busy for me and the coming week will
be worse so please bear with me. Because of how busy I’ve been, I just washed
my hair yesterday night. It was a quick wash day with no hassles or any extra
treatment. I try not to go a week without washing my hair because I find it difficult to maintain or try any protective
Here’s how my wash day went;

  • Detangled with Olive oil and a wide toothed comb and
    then made my hair into calabar braids.
  • Washed with Giovanni Smooth as silk sulfate-free
    shampoo twice.
  • Did a tea rinse using 2 bags of twinings tea steeped
    in hot water for an hour.  I didn’t forget
    this time. *winks*
  • Didn’t rinse out the tea, applied my deep
    conditioners Motions moisture plus to my roots and Organics hair mayo to my ends
    using heat for 45 minutes.
  • Rinsed out the Dc and wrapped my hair using a
    t-shirt to soak up the excess water.
  • Air-dried till my hair was 90% dry and applied my
    leave-ins Mega profective leave in strengthener and Elasta QP olive oil and
    mango butter.
  • Sealed with coconut oil all over my hair, Wilmart
    hair grow and Jbco to my edges and nape.
  • Made my hair into two side braids and tucked in my

This wash day was real quick because I couldn’t go without washing my
hair this week and I didn’t have time to spare for any extra hair treatments.
Also, side braids are real quick and easy for me and still protect my hair and
Ps: Had a slight headache yesterday and was
contemplating taking drugs when I loosened my updo and immediately felt relieve.
I totally forgot that updo’s give me headaches especially when sleek or tight.
I haven’t done a sleek or tight updo in a while but because I rocked an updo
throughout last week, I guess it took its toll and was my hair’s way of saying
it had had enough! Lol!

did your wash day go? 
Have a blessed week ahead…


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