What Do You Do For A Living?

Hi ladies. How was your week? Thank God for bringing
us to the end of another beautiful week and the end of the month. As we enter
into a new month may our blessings from God not pass us by in Jesus Name. Amen!

I recently went to the bank to reactivate my account
after leaving it dormant for almost 2 years. I have heard a lot of good comments
about this bank and was very excited to finally stop being lazy and go do the
necessary. On that day, I was all smiles…you would have thought I was about to
win a lottery. Lol!! I got to the bank on time, filled all the necessary
documents and then I got to the part where I was supposed to fill my
profession/occupation and I went blank…I was like ermmmm! I tried to think of a
suitable title for my occupation and couldn’t come up with anything so I left
the space blank. I thought I had escaped that until the customer service
officer was reading through and asked me what my occupation was again. I couldn’t
give a reply so he decided to rephrase the question and ask instead “what I do
for a living”?! I still couldn’t give a reply so he asked if “I was still a
student” and I said “no” and then I was finally able to say “I haven’t gotten a
job yet”. As I sat there in front of him I pondered on the question for a while.
Now you may wonder why this was a concern to me so
let me expatiate. I graduated 2 years ago and finished serving last year. Since
then, I have applied to various job applications both online and offline
*winks*. Mind you, I don’t sit at home doing nothing even though I don’t have a
full time job yet. Firstly, I’m a hair blogger. I also sell lovely materials
and I’m a network marketer. I am a distributor for Federicho Mahora and most
recently Oriflame. I love to read novels which you already know and I crotchet
during my spare time (not perfect at it yet). I make Chapman for parties and
events (so holla at me if you’re hosting a party and live in Abuja). I am very
interested in Events management and decoration and I hope to attend a training
soon.  Now I feel like a proud jack of
all trades *covers face*.
So when the CSO asked me what I did for a living I had
a mind to list all the above for him but of course I didn’t. I finally came to
the realization that most people expect that when they ask for your occupation
or what you do for a living, you should mention a white collar job in a big
organization. Working privately is still gaining grounds in Nigeria and some
persons feel a white collar job is safer and brings in more money. Most persons
do not care if what you do brings satisfaction or if you’re passionate about
it. As far as it puts food on your table, clothes on your back, sends your
children to school, meets your daily needs and a few of your wants then they’re
fine. Some persons are really passionate about their jobs
even though they work for someone and others are passionate if they are their
own boss. I strongly believe that even if you’re an employee and not a CEO,
what you do daily should be stemmed from passion and not money.
So what do I do for a living? A lot!!! Where do I work;
nowhere for now!

do you think ladies? And what do you do for a living?

 Have a
blessed weekend…


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