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Peppermint Oil – Uses and Benefits

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Hi Ladies. I promised to put up a post on peppermint
oil and its uses. Peppermint oil has a lot of benefits and I’m going to talk
about them and also how I incorporate it into my regimen.

I first read about this oil on Blackhair101. I
didn’t know anything about essential oils then and I wasn’t even sure if they
were sold in Nigeria. Lol! I had just started my hair journey and it was hard
getting carrier oils not to talk of essential oils. Then fortunately, I
participated in a trade fair last year and one of the vendors was selling all
the essential oils you can think of or at least most of them. You can check
them out here and follow them on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram @Cahaya
. I bought this small bottle (picture below) for 3,000 Naira. Yh I know
kinda expensive! But then I didn’t know when I’ll see them again or where else
I could buy from. And I also didn’t think these oils were cheap so I was kinda
prepared for the price. The oil was poured into the small black bottle which is
like a standard measurement or something.
Anyways, this washday was my second time using peppermint oil as a pre-poo. I mixed it
with olive and coconut oil to reduce the smell and avoid scalp irritation. Remember this washday? Peppermint oil
has a lot of benefits and some of them are;
  • It stimulates our hair scalp and follicles.
  • It adds shine to our hair and makes it fuller and
    softer. (Mine certainly was the second time).
  • Its suits every hair type. So having oily or dry
    scalp doesn’t matter because you can use this oil.
  • It is also a good moisturizer so it helps to treat
    dry scalp and dandruff.

  • It relieves headache.
  • It clears the respiratory tract. (I remember when my
    youngest sister was very little, she always had a cold and my mum would put a
    drop of peppermint oil on each side of her pillow and by morning the cold would
    have disappeared. It always felt like magic to me anytime she did that. Lol!)
  • It gives fresh breath probably because it has a very
    strong scent.
  • It boosts energy.
  • How to use Peppermint Oil for your Hair
  • Peppermint oil can be used as a pre-shampoo
    treatment. Simply mix it with any other essential or carrier oils and leave
    with or without heat for a few hours or overnight.
  • Peppermint oil can also be used in your shampoo and
    conditioner. Just add a few drops to either.
  • Peppermint oil can be used for scalp massages too.
    Mix a few drops with any carrier oil and massage your hair. It gives a very
    soothing feeling.
  • Since it has moisturizing properties, it can be used
    as a moisturizer too. Add a few drops to your moisturizers or leave-ins. Be sure
    to add only a few drops.
  • Peppermint oil can cause scalp irritation if used in
    its concentrated form so it’s always good to mix it with other oils before
    applying it to your hair or skin.I only use peppermint oil as a pre-poo for now. I
    mix it with Olive or Coconut oil or both. I hardly do an overnight treatment
    because I can be lazy. *covers face* But I do a hot oil treatment or pre-poo
    every now and then before I wash my hair. I have decided to only use it twice a
    month because I would like to avoid scalp irritation.  Better safe than sorry right?! My first
    experience with it was horrible. I liked this oil the second time around though
    because I learnt that a few drops go a long way. My only problem is its strong
    scent which lasts for hours after use.

many of you use this oil?
Btw, I’m back to side braids again. *sighs* But I
have good news! I am going to install twists using the invisible root method this weekend. I have watched a lot of YouTube
videos and I feel I’m prepared to do this. So be sure to check the blog for a
tutorial. I am also going to have my very first giveaway on the blog so keep
your eyes and ears open.
Have a blessed week ladies…


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