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Protective Style – Chunky Twists

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Hi ladies. How was your weekend? I hope you had a
fab one! I was so excited writing this post because I couldn’t wait to show
y’all my hurrrr!!!! Btw, can you notice anything different today? Yope I finally
got my logo *yaaaay*!!! Okay I’m calm now *shines teeth*. I also changed my
template because I wanted something mature and less colorful and not the pink
one I’ve had for a while now. In case you didn’t know I hate pink!! I think I like
this new template and I hope I’ll fall in love with it soon. You can follow my
friend on Instagram @neggizy for great logo and website designs.

As you all know, I decided to put my hair in twists
to give myself a break from my side braids *rolls eye*. This puts me on the
Rested Growth Routine of Phro Growth Challenge 2015. I do not know for
how long I will be in these twists but let’s see how it goes. I washed my hair to
ensure I had a clean scalp and moisturized hair for my twists.

  • Pre-pooed with heated oils; Olive, Coconut, Grape
    seed and Peppermint oil for 20 minutes with heat. My hair was so soft I almost
    changed my mind about making the twists. Lol! (Ps: I got my Grape seed oil at GNC
    Pharmacy, ground floor Ceddi Plaza Abuja. They have both carrier and essential
  • Washed twice with Giovanni Smooth as Silk
    Sulfate-free shampoo followed by a tea rinse with 2 bags of Lipton green tea
    steeped in hot water which had cooled to room temperature.
  • Didn’t rinse out the tea as usual, applied my deep
    conditioner Organics Cholesterol because I noticed some shedding and wanted my
    hair to be well protected for this install. I didn’t apply my Motions moisture
    plus because I was certain that my shedding was due to moisture overload.
  • Dc’d for 30 minutes with heat as I was short on time.
  • Rinsed and wrapped my hair in a cotton t-shirt to
    soak up the excess water.
  • Applied my leave-ins when 90% dry; Mega Profective
    leave-in strengthener and Motions CPR Triple Action leave-in conditioner. I
    parted my hair in the middle and applied my leave-ins first to one side and
    then the other and sealed with coconut oil. I didn’t want my hair to weighed
    down from applying so many products to avoid dirt and itching after I had
    installed my twists so I didn’t apply section by section as I normally would.
  • Put my hair in an up-do and rushed out of the house
    for my practice.

On Sunday evening, I began installing. I wanted really
big twists to save my hair a lot of tugging and pulling and I felt bigger
twists would allow me loose less hair and protect my edges and nape as well. I
bought this Noble Gold Kinky Bulk (see picture below) for N800 and I used just
2 packs. The awesome thing about this kinky braid is that just like Havana
braids by Fingercomber, the braids come separated and so makes it easy to use.
They were separated using colorful baby ribbons and had 4 braids attached to
each other in a set of 5 for each pack totaling 20 braids. I’m so glad
Nigerians are also being creative with hair extensions.

  • Starting at my nape, I sectioned my hair horizontally
    and then into smaller sections. Using the Invisible Root Method which I fell in love
    with over the braid first then twist method, I began installing my twists. I chose this method because I wanted the twists
    to look like my real hair.
  • I applied my diluted leave-in (a mixture of my Mega Profective leave-in strengthener,
    coconut oil and water) and a holding product
    (I used Jack 5ive Activator moisturizer gel) to each section. The gel made my
    hair really soft and easy to manipulate. I also applied the gel to each kinky braid
    and stretched it to the length I wanted before installing the twists. The
    braids had straight hard edges which was how they were all attached. I simply
    snipped them off with my scissors before using them. I did try the braid first
    method on one section but it made me slow and made the braid tangle.

 It took all
of Sunday night till 4 am Monday morning but I finally finished and I went
straight to bed but not before I tied a scarf on my head. I desperately needed
the sleep!!! When I finally woke up, I loosened the front braids and did them
again. And this is the final result!!!

As you can see, the front view looks good but my
side edges need a lot of work. I haven’t started playing with styles for the
braids yet because I want to give my hair it’s much needed rest from all the
loosening and braiding but I will definitely show you all the styles I try out.
All-in-all I love how my twists turned out and I
think I did a pretty good job for a first timer. My only problem is the kinky
braids only come in black and I don’t think it blended well with my hair which
is slightly brown.

Ps: I watched a lot
of videos to learn the invisible method but these were my fave; How to Install Havana Twists by Tdoubleu23 and How to Install Jumbo Twists by Ambrosia Malbrough.

do you think ladies? Love or Hate??
Have a Blessed week ahead…


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