Protective Style

Side Twist and Tuck

Hi ladies. We’ve come to the end of another
beautiful working week and I hope it was fruitful?! Finally we can stretch our
feet, bring out our favorite movie, sit back and relax. Yope its Friday!!!
I promised you ladies that I will put up any styles
I try with my twists and I’ve got one for you already. I had an appointment
yesterday and needed to find an appropriate way to style my hair. It has been
in a loose up-do all week because I didn’t want to stress my roots and I
basically didn’t have anywhere to go or anything to do for that matter.  Anyways, I decided to go simple and chic by
doing a side twist with a tuck. I would have done a faux bun but the heat
in Abuja at the moment is unbearable and I didn’t want my hair adding to it.
Creating this style was simple, the only thing you
need is a bobby pin or pins.
  • I took down my up-do and did a side part.
  • Next, I twisted one side in and then the other and
    held both sides with one hand. (I was careful to not pull my hair too much).
  • I then tucked the remaining hair left at the back
    with my free hand and secured with a bobby pin. I only used one pin but you my
    use as many as you wish.

Voila!!! My simple side twist and tuck.

new style have you tried out lately?

Have an amazing weekend ladies…


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