Wash Day – Back to Side Braids

Hi ladies. How was your weekend? I hope we went out
on Saturday to cast our votes. Our country will continuously know peace in
Jesus Name, Amen .Unfortunately I didn’t cast mine because I didn’t register
which is not an excuse although I’m not sure I knew when the
registration took place. Hopefully I will take part in the next elections.

My wash day this past weekend went smoothly. Since I
didn’t go out on Saturday, I was able to wash my hair without being in a hurry
to go somewhere which seemed to be the norm these past weeks. Remember I put my
hair in twists after my wash day last week, I washed my hair with the twists
and I must say it was so easy for me to access my roots and my hair felt
cleaner than ever. Yaaaay twists!!!
Here’s how my wash day went’
  • Washed my hair with Giovanni smooth as silk
    sulfate-free shampoo twice. I had to dilute the remaining content to get
    everything out as I’d run out of this shampoo. Lol! (I’ve been using this
    shampoo since November last year and I love it. I’m surprised it lasted this
    long. It’s become a little expensive for me though so I’m looking forward to
    trying Crème of Nature Argan oil sulfate-free Moisture and Shine Shampoo. A lot of
    hair bloggers have used this so I hope it works for me too).
  • Did a tea rinse with 2 bags of Lipton green tea
    steeped in hot water and allowed to cool to room temperature.
  • Deep conditioned for 45 minutes using my heat cap by
    applying Organics Hair Mayonnaise to my ends and Motions Moisture plus to my
  • Rinsed with cool water several times to be sure
    there was no trace of conditioner left in my hair.
  • Air dried still in the twists till my hair was 60%
    dry and then loosened the twists to allow me finger-detangle and left my hair to
    dry till it was 90% dry.
  • Applied my leave-ins Mega Profective leave-in
    strengthener and Elasta Qp Olive oil and mango butter and sealed with coconut
    oil and Jbco for my edges and nape.

I thought of a protective style to do and couldn’t
come up with any so I put my hair in side braids. Hopefully, I will be inspired
next week to try something new.
I have a confession to make; I was so excited to
check the length of my hair since I’m done taking my Hairfinity (review will be
up soon) that I combed my hair first before applying my leave-ins. I
experienced so much breakage especially at the line of demarcation (line where
texlaxed hair meets straight bone hair) that I was considering ending my
stretch of just 8 weeks till I remembered I hadn’t applied my leave-ins. I was
so angry with myself and upset at the same time I felt like crying but the big
girl in me held my tears back and learnt my lesson.
Apart from my breakage, this wash day was superb and
I think it’s because I washed my hair in the twists. Since the twists were not
so many and were spaced, I was able to access my roots easily even better than
when I put my hair in calabar braids. Mind you, I won’t be washing in twists
but I’ll definitely make my calabar braids smaller so my wash day can be

did your wash day go?

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