Wash Day – Flexi Rod Set Fail

Hi ladies, how was your weekend? Welcome to a new
month! We are MARCHING forward this month to greener pastures in Jesus Name.
Amen. My wash day wouldn’t have been because I was very busy during the weekend
and I almost forgot to wash it yesterday. Immediately I remembered, I jumped
off my bed and went to wash my hair. I didn’t care if it took me the whole
night I was determined to have a clean hair and a wash day post by today for
you my amazing readers.

Here’s how my wash day went;
  • Detangled my hair with my fingers first, a wide –
    toothed comb and Olive oil.
  • Made my hair into calabar braids and oiled the braid
    with olive oil again since I was clarifying.
  • Clarified twice using Vo5 Moisturizing shampoo; I
    love this shampoo only because it smells like strawberry chewing gum and I feel
    like eating it every time. Lol!!! Okay I wouldn’t actually do that.
  • Deep conditioned with heat for 45 minutes by applying
    Motions moisture plus on my roots and Organics Cholesterol on my ends. I used
    my traditional method of dc’ing with heat. I soak a small hand towel in very
    hot water, squeeze it out but not completely and then place a plastic cap on my
    head first before wrapping the towel on it and then a plastic shower cap to
    hold it in place. This method worked really well for me especially when I hadn’t gotten my heat cap yet. But I was too lazy yesterday to go microwave my
    heat cap and I didn’t want to wake the whole house because it was late so I
    settled for this instead.
  • Rinsed out the Dc with cool water to lock in the
    moisture and loosened my braids.
  • Air dried till my hair was 70% dry, applied my leave
    – ins Motions professional CPR Triple Action leave – in conditioner (I just got
    this leave – in and would do a full review on it after using it for a while)
    and Mega Profective leave-in strengthener.
  • Sealed with coconut oil all over my hair including
    my edges and nape.

I am currently 5 weeks post relaxer and my new
growth is beginning to show especially around my edges. I decided to install
flexi rods as my protective style this week even though I know it will only
last 2 days max. Lol! I used to install flexi rods a lot prior to my hair
journey. I didn’t know it was a protective style of course but I did it mostly
because it was the “in-thing” in school then. Lmao!

I installed 12 of the medium sized rods all over my
head and 5 of the tiny rods in front. By the time I was done, my arms ached and
it was already 3 am in the morning but I was glad I had clean hair and a post
ready for the blog.
This morning, I took the rods out and didn’t like how
my hair looked. As with the Bantu Knots my straight ends were curlier than my
texlaxed ends although this was worse. I was so sad so I didn’t take any
pictures instead I combed the curls out and put my hair in a side up-do leaving
my ends out. You can still see the curly ends in the pictures below and my
texlaxed-almost-natural roots.
I’m not sure if it’s my new leave-in that didn’t
work or if my hair wasn’t pleased or if I should have made the sections smaller
for the rod set. Also, the new growth around my edges is shorter than the rest
of my hair and so it was hard to roll it on a rod even though I used the tiny
rods for the front. I am yet to find a protective style that will stretch my
roots and allow it blend with my straight ends. Any suggestions ladies?

Ps: Klp of Saving Our Strands said Jen of Just Grow Already has been down and is also studying for her bar exams. So let’s take a
few minutes out of our time to say a word of prayer for healing and success.
What protective style have you done lately?

Have a blessed week ahead ladies… 

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