Wash day – VO5 Haul and First Curlformer Set

Hi ladies. How was your weekend? I hope it was
restful cos mine certainly was. I ordered a pack of curlformers and perm rods
about 3 weeks ago and finally got them last week. I couldn’t wait to take out
my twists and try them because I have heard the amazing stories of how it blends
all textures on your head for both natural and relaxed or texlaxed ladies. I’m
sure you can tell I was excited especially after all my complaints about not
being able to get a style that blends check out the post here.

I took out my twists after having them on for a week
and a half. I wasn’t feeling the jet black color anymore and probably would
have left it in a bit longer if not for the color. My hair was still soft
though after taking the twists out. I guess I have my gel to thank for that and
would certainly incorporate it into my regimen.  Here’s how my wash day went;
  • Detangled my hair properly with my fingers and then
    a wide toothed comb by working in sections to remove all shed hair.
  • Did a hot oil treatment overnight with heated oils;
    coconut, olive and grape seed oil and a little shea butter. Covered my hair with
    a black nylon, bonnet and silk scarf and went to bed. By the next morning, I
    was so glad none of them came off.
  • Shampooed twice with V05 moisturizing milks shampoo
    and then decided to condition with V05 moisturizing conditioner and V05 repair
    and protect strengthening conditioner for 5 minutes. I did this on impulse after
    realizing I hadn’t used any of the V05 conditioners in a really long time. My hair didn’t feel soft or hard it was kinda
  • Rinsed with warm water and did a tea rinse with 2
    bags of Lipton green tea steeped in hot water for a while.
  • Didn’t rinse out my tea as usual and deep
    conditioned without heat for 45 minutes using Organics cholesterol on ends and
    Motions moisture plus on roots.
  • Air dried till my hair was 80% dry and applied my
    leave-ins Mega Profective leave-in strengthener and Elasta Qp olive oil and
    mango butter. I also did a scalp massage for two minutes with my old faithful
    Emily millionaire coconut oil and herbs.
  • Sealed with Olive oil all over my hair and Jbco for
    my edges and nape.

The next day I decided to install my curlformers.
Jen of Just Grow Already uses this often to stretch her hair and the curls are
always to die for. Lol! I have coveted curlformers since the first time I
heard about and I’m so happy I finally have mine. I got 2 packs of curlformers
(10 in each pack) for £17.90 – ₦5,549, the styling hook for £2.65 – ₦821.5k and a
pack of perm rods (picture not shown) for £2.49 – ₦771.9k. I had my boyfriend
order them and send them to me when someone was coming to Nigeria.
Curlformers Short and Narrow
I installed all 20 and thought my hair won’t have
dried by morning but I was so wrong and the curls were beautiful. The blue ones
on my right side curls clockwise and the green ones on my left side curls
anti-clockwise. I had 2 problems using this product which isn’t really with the
product itself; the first was I bought a small size because I didn’t think my
hair was that long. Can’t believe I underestimated the length of my hair
*covers face*. So of course the ends of my hair were sticking out as you can
see below even though I tried to push the cf’s down a bit from my roots. The
second was sleeping in them. I had to push the cf’s at least 3 inches away from
roots so I could sleep in them and I was still a bit uncomfortable. I’d
probably get used to it as time goes on.
     I looked like I was ready to fly along with my hair. Lol!
Installing the curlformers wasn’t hard though I
quickly realized I’d need more than 20 if I wanted defined curls and also
because I had problems trying to put a large section into the curlformers. I
experienced a lot of tensions at my roots trying to do this and I’ve placed
another order for a longer set of curl formers. The curl formers were made by
Hair flair and there are others by various companies. I had to Google to read
about all of them to be sure which one I got. I later realized I could just
check the pack and found out mine was by Hair flair. So much for reading
labels and instructions.
I really loved how bouncy my curls turned out but
mostly how the curlformers stretched my hair. I would definitely be doing more
of this as a protective style.
Ps: I couldn’t leave my hair like this even though I
loved how the curls turned out and I was going out so I combed out the curls
and did twists again this time with my own hair.
My new growth is springing forth slowly

new product or method have you tried out lately?
Have a blessed week ahead ladies…
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