Washing my hair in Calabar braids

A lot of ladies have asked me about washing my hair
in calabar braids as seen in my regimen every wash day. In this post, I’m going
to explain how I wash my hair using this method.

Calabar is a popular Nigerian term for putting your
hair in jumbo braids especially when you’ve just loosened it or finished
washing and drying it. It isn’t restricted to natural or relaxed hair although
mostly naturals do this. Coincidentally, we have a State (Cross River) whose
Capital is Calabar, though I strongly doubt that the term originated from

I first read about this method of washing my hair on Rehairducatiion by Lade. Lade is a Nigerian with waist length hair and she achieved
this with what she calls her wig regimen. You should check out her blog and
read more on it. She said that as her hair became longer, it was more difficult
washing it in its neutral position and she started washing in calabar braids
after reading it somewhere. This helped her reduce shedding and breakage on her
wash days. Rehairducation was one of the very first blogs I
read before starting my hair journey and after reading about calabar braids I
decided to incorporate that as well and now I have less shedding and breakage
on my wash days.

This is how I wash in calabar braids;
After pre-pooing if I do one, I put my hair in
calabar braids (see picture below) either about 10 or less. Although now that
my hair is fuller I may have to increase the number. Once my hair is in braids,
I proceed to shampoo, do a tea rinse, deep condition and air dry in the braids.
I don’t loosen the braids till my hair is about 50% dry and then leave it till
80% dry before applying me leave-ins. I must confess though that my braids
sometimes loosen after shampooing and I have learnt to increase the number of
braids to avoid this as it could lead to serious breakage.

Calabar braids aren’t for everyone and may not work
for you so find what works and stick with it. Yemi of Great Lengths tried
washing in braids and noticed more breakage so she had to revert to washing her
hair in its neutral position which works fine for her now.
I would advice that you if you are just starting
your hair journey, you could try washing your hair in braids first as it will
be easier to manage before deciding which method to stick with. But like I said
this doesn’t work for everybody so if you already know it won’t work then don’t
bother trying.
I hope you found this post useful.

do you wash your hair ladies?

Have an awesome, fun-filled weekend…


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