Feature Friday – Meet Maggie

Hi ladies. I’m introducing a new random post called Feature Friday. Remember I said one of my goals for this year – see post here is that I will try to be more creative and also post random posts about myself?
Well, I have a lot of ladies who have been inspired by me to start their hair
journeys and I though it a good idea to share their faves, tips and experiences
so far with you. So today’s post will be about a dear friend of mine who has
transitioned to natural by doing the big chop recently after transitioning for
about 10 months. She has always had full hair that I had admired most of my
life but thank God for texlaxing now. Lol!

 Without further ado meet Aye
Margaret Ataguba (I call her Maggie).

What’s your hair type?
Maggie: I dunno my hair type according to 4 a, b or
c but I know my hair is sexy, smooth and fine.
Are you natural or relaxed?
Maggie: I’m transitioning to natural. I’m 10 months
post relaxer.
What is the current length of your hair?
Maggie: I don’t know because I don’t so length

What is your current hair regimen?
Maggie: 4 weeks protective style, washday then back
to protective style. I protective style for that long because transitioning
hair isn’t pleasant to carry around. My washday process includes;
Pre-poo, Shampoo, Green tea rinse, Deep condition,
Rinse and then Leave-ins (I make my own).
Can you tell me what is in the leave-in.
Maggie: Yh. I apply coconut oil when my hair is 50%
dry and then spray my hair when 70%dry with a runny mix of my conditioner (1
tbl spoon) and water (3/4).
Do you have any hair goals?
Maggie: Yes. I want to achieve a soft natural hair
and healthy hair without breakage.
Any setbacks?
Maggie: My major setback is breakage and I feel a
lot of pain when loosening my hair or making it. Makes me want to go back to
What are your favorite protective styles and
Maggie: Hair style – Crochet braids (I’ve done it
twice), Products – Shea butter, Olive oil and Coconut oil are my darlings.
Castor oil, Organics Hair Mayonnaise, Olive oil Creamy Aloe Shampoo, Olive oil
Replenishing Conditioner, V05 Shampoo and Argan oil Conditioner (It’s awesome).

How has your hair affected other areas of your life?
Maggie: It has made me more informed and creative. I
have had to learn different stuffs about hair and hair products and I’ve also
been able to create my own hair products. Generally, it has made me more

What is your advice to all those starting their hair
Maggie: You should love your hair. Once you love
your hair, you will do anything to make it look great. Also, be persistent and
ready for bad hair days but lots and lots of great hair days. Finally, the
beauty of a woman lies in her hair so be ready to look BEAUTIFUL!!!
Thank you very much Maggie and I hope your transitioning
goes smoothly.
If you would like to be featured on “feature Friday”
please feel free to send an email to
. (PS: The feature doesn’t have to be hair related so you can be featured on
any topic).
Have an awesome weekend ladies…


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