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Product Review – Hairfinity

Hi ladies, how was your weekend? We finally have a
president! Congrats Nigerians for taking a stand in what we believe in. Our
country will continuously know peace in Jesus name. Amen.  This post is long overdue so please forgive
I bought my Hairfinity vitamins sometime in January
and was waiting till the first of February to officially start taking the pills
but that didn’t happen because I kept procrastinating. I don’t like pills
because of the aftermath and would rather take a million injections but I
didn’t have a choice with Hairfinity which was why I had to stop
procrastinating. Finally on the 5th of February I started taking the

I placed an order for one month’s supply on DealDey though you can order directly from
their website – Hairfinity too. It was delivered 3 days after I placed my
order and I was able to pay using POS which is really convenient.
Supplements: Hairfinity has a lot of supplements which
can also be found in other vitamins but I’m yet to see any vitamin that has all
of the supplements Hairfinity has. It contains; Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin
D3, Vitamins B1, B2. B3,B6 and B12, Calcium, Folic Acid, Biotin and Pantothenic
Acid. Also contains Complex Proprietary Blend and MSM (Methylsulfonylmethane) which
are the only ones I haven’t heard of. You can read more about their special formula
on their website. All these vitamins are needed every day so to have one pill
contain all the above is amazing.
Price: I bought one bottle which is one month’s
supply for ₦5,920. When I first heard about it early last year, it was about ₦8,000 or less so this new price really suited me especially because I was also
going to pay for delivery.
Quantity: A bottle contains 60 pills and you’re to
take 2 pills every day for 30 days. You can take one in the morning and one at
night or however you feel as far as it doesn’t exceed 2 pills a day.
Smell: It doesn’t have the lingering medicine smell
most pills have and I never had an after taste unlike when taking flagyl or
panadol. I also made sure to drink lots of water during this period which I think
helped to a large extent.
Packaging: I love the packaging and I think the
company really tried in this area. The pink color on the bottle is attractive and
it was also tightly sealed so air couldn’t get in.
Delivery: It was delivered by DealDey and the person
was prompt and really nice. Up DealDey!!! I paid about ₦1,000 or more for
delivery so that came to about ₦7,000 in total.
My Analysis: I hate taking pills as I’ve stated
earlier but I was really eager to try this product probably because I had heard
wonderful testimonies about it. I wasn’t consistent for the whole month and
missed a week in total so it took me longer to finish the dosage. I didn’t experience
any side effects although persons on social media claimed to have had breakouts
and other effects. I took a picture after one and half weeks to check my
progress and to be extra sure I wasn’t experiencing any bodily changes. Luckily
I wasn’t so this encouraged me to finish my dosage and do a review. I would
definitely buy this product again but not monthly and my advice to anyone with
side effects is to check with your doctor before taking any pills especially if
you are allergic to a lot of things. 
Left: 1.5 weeks after taking Hairfinity (February 2015)  Right: (December 2014)
Left: 5 weeks post Hairfinity  Right: 1.5 weeks post Hairfinity

I was looking at the empty bottle and saying thank you Hairfinity
Totally showing off here…LOOL!!1
My hair grew about 3 inches longer and I am super-duper
pleased.  In the third picture, you can
see that my middle and back hair is longer than my sides because the hair in
the middle grows faster. I hope to achieve a uniform length as times goes on.
I would also like to address an issue which a lot of
persons have asked me about. Is taking pills to help grow your hair not risky?
My take on this is sometimes we need vitamins to supplement our foods
especially if we do not eat healthy. The same way we take Vitamin C or Folic
Acid for extra supplements is no different from taking Hair vitamins. You can
decide to take Hair vitamins once in a while and not regularly but I don’t agree
with not taking anything at all. I hardly eat healthy and can stay a day
without food if I’m extremely busy so these supplements help by giving me the
needed energy each day and supplying the necessary nutrients my hair need to
stay healthy.
I hope I haven’t offended anyone with my opinion and
if I have I apologize in advance.

you taking any Vitamins currently? If yes which one and why do you like it?
love to hear your feedback ladies.
Have a splendid week ladies…


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