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Protective Style – Crochet Braids


Hi darlins’. How have you been? I’ve missed my readers so much. *sniff sniff*. Don’t worry I tried hard not to cry. So I’ve been MIA and it’s because I just finished writing some tough exams but I’m grateful to God that it was a huge success and hopefully I’m done with it for good. I was supposed to put up a post last week and then say I’ll be gone for a while but that didn’t happen.  In my previous post here I said I was going to install crochet braids to help with my stretch. So without further ado, here’s your long awaited post…

Before installing my braids, I washed my hair and here’s how my wash day went;

  • Detangled my hair with my fingers and then a wide toothed comb.
  • Made my hair into single braids and pre-pooed with hot oils: coconut and olive oil for 20 minutes.
  • Washed thrice with Crème of Nature Shampoo. (Remember I said I wanted to buy Creme of Nature Argan Oil sulfate-free shampoo as I’d run out of my Giovanni?  Well I did get but not the one in he famous red bottle we all know. I got the original or is it former Crème of Nature in the blue and white bottle!! Yope! I was looking for a shop to buy at the mall (Shoprite) Apo because I didn’t get at Casabella and I just walked into Mopheth pharmacy and saw it. I was so shocked I didn’t even think twice about buying. Lmao! I got it for N450).
  • Deep conditioned with Organics Hair mayonnaise and Motions Moisture Plus mixed with olive oil for 45 minutes using my heat cap.
  • Rinsed thoroughly with cool water and air dried till my hair was 80% dry.
  • Applied my leave-ins Mega profective leave-in strengthener and Elasta Qp olive oil and mango butter and sealed with coconut oil. I tried not to bee heavy handed so my hair won’t be weighed down before my install.

Ps: I used the Crème of Nature to wash 3 times because after the it wash my hair was still oily from the pre-poo. I’m not sure if I used a lot of oil or if it was the shampoo itself but I’m willing to give it another try before making my final verdict.

 I washed my hair in the evening and installed overnight while reading.  Installing helped me stay awake so I basically killed 2 birds with one stone  I first saw this hairstyle on my friend who explained how to use the braid and get the most out of it without using so many packs. Thanks Maggie – you saved me from future headaches.

The name of this braid is Multi and it’s produced by X-pression.  If you live in Nigeria or have lived here chances are you’ve used X-pression to braid your hair. It had been in existence for God knows how log because I grew up using it and a lot of ladies still use it till today. They also have weavons but I stopped using those a long time ago after discovering human hair. Lol! The braid I used is 100% synthetic and comes 3 colors I know of; 1, 2 and 33/40. I didn’t get the color 2 so I had to use black and I’m not a fan of black *sighs*. I used only 3 packs @ N500 each and would have used less but I wanted the hair to be really full and long so I did not cut the braids.

In each pack, the braids come in strands of 15 tied together (see picture below) and looks like already-made faux locs until you hold it and find the hair separated.  To install I made my hair into 8 cornrows and separated each strand of the braid into 3. The strands weren’t hard to separate because once you try doing so they automatically separate making it easier. I found out that using the strands separated and not whole made bit easier to slip the hair under each cornrow. I’m grateful to my friend again for showing me this method because I had already started installing I using the full strands making my head heavy and giving me a slight headache. This method ensures you’re getting the best out of the braids at a ridiculously low price.

My install took roughly 1 hr 45 minutes because I had to loosen the ones I did earlier and separate them to re-install again.  I was so fast I thought of opening a salon immediately.  Lool!!!! The hair is so light you don’t feel it at all and is very bouncy. I have never installed a braid that didn’t weigh my hair down so this felt like braid heaven to me.
I thought packing my hair at night will be a hassle but so far it hasn’t been. I simply use my scarf to do the pineapple method which simply means packing your hair up in the shape of a pineapple to preserve your curls.  I do the pineapple method every night and I sleep like a baby. To moisturize and seal, I apply the diluted mix of my conditioner and apply coconut, castor or grapeseed oil to my edges and nape. Over the weekend I used baby wipes and water to clean in between the cornrows and then applied coconut oil and viola my hair is clean and healthy!! #protectivestyleforthewin

I love my hair

Overall I am extremely pleased with my crochet braids and will leave this protective style on for another 2 weeks or less before taking them out. I will definitely use this braid again and see if I can try different styles with it. For now, enjoy a picture of me rocking my crochet braids below.


BTW I found an amazing crochet braids stylist on Instagram @truvanity_ and I think you all should follow her for great crochet braids inspiration.

Sorry for the late and long post and picture
overload ladies. I had to catch up on all the sleep I’ve lost in the past few

How was your washday and what new style or methods have you been upto? I would love to hear from you ladies as I missed you all very much.

Have a blessed weekend…


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