Wash Day – Bantu Knots Again

Hi ladies. How was your weekend? I hope it was
great?! I was a bit down this past weekend but I thank God for restoring my
health.  I finally took off my crochet
braids which would have been 3 weeks today. As much as I loved this particular
hair, I needed to clean my real hair. I decided to try Bantu knots again and
see if it would come out better than the last time – read post here.

Anyways, here’s
how my washday went;

  • Skipped a pre-poo because my hair was very oily even
    after taking off the braids. I guessed I moisturized and sealed really well.
  • Clarified twice with V05 moisture milks moisturizing
    shampoo after putting my hair in calabar braids.
  • Did a tea rinse with 2 bags of already cooled Lipton
    green tea that had been steeped in hot water earlier.
  • Didn’t rinse out the tea as usual, applied
    conditioners – Motions Moisture Plus to my roots and Organics Hair Mayonnaise
    mixed with olive oil to my ends.
  • Deep conditioned for 30 minutes and rinsed out the
    conditioner with cool water to seal in the moisture.

  • Applied my leave-ins; Mega Profective leave-in
    strengthener and Elasta Qp Olive oil and mango butter and sealed with coconut
  • Air dried using the scarf method as I was in a hurry
    to go out and didn’t have the time to let my hair completely air-dry.

When I got back home, I put my hair into Bantu knots
and this is the result. 

I fluffed out the curls with my fingers and did
a simple tuck and pin. I love how this Bantu knot set turned out. It’s
certainly better than the last time. My hair was really soft after this wash day. I
was shocked but happy because it didn’t seem to be retaining any moisture
before I made the crochet braids. I guess leaving it alone while still taking
care of it for a while helped. I’m always learning new things about my hair
just when I think I know everything. Lool!!!

I accidentally chopped off my ends while taking out
the braids and this is the second time it’s happening to me. Read the first
time here.
I was so sad I could have cried because my hair went
from gaining about 3 inches to loosing about an inch or more. Anyways, I’m over it
now because I know my hair will grow back though I have to be extra careful. As much as I love crochet braids, I probably have to
stay away from it for a while if I want to start seeing length and not just
health in my hair.
The good thing about putting my hair in a protective
style is that it allows my hair to rest and allows me to take proper care of my
edges and nape. My edges seemed to have grown a bit thanks to Hair Grow and

I am 12 weeks post relaxer and may texlax soon. Although my hair was soft after this wash day,
it doesn’t seem to be enjoying this stretch at all and I don’t understand why
because my last stretch was till 19 weeks. I’m still experiencing shedding
especially at my tips though it seems to have reduced some which was the main
reason why I put my hair in a long term protective style. I would like to do
another protective style but I’m afraid my hair wouldn’t be able to handle the
stress so my only option is to texlax. Let’s see how my hair responds in the
next week then I will make a final decision.
PS: The processing caps I use for deep conditioning are available for sale but
for Abuja residents only so if you would like to buy one please call –
What’s happening with your hair ladies?

Have a blessed week ahead…

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