Relaxer Update

Hi ladies. I’m back with my relaxer update. I
relaxed my hair last week but I’ve been having writer’s block or should I say
lazy block *covers face*. Are there any other bloggers who experience this?
Well, I decided to cast away all forms of laziness and put up this post. Btw,
the presidential inauguration is going on right now at Eagle’s square Abuja. I’m
going to watch it as soon as I’ve put up this post – make sure you do too!

This relaxer session is no different than my last
read post here except for a few glitches but before I go into all that here’s
how it went;

  • I had prepped my hair for my relaxer session by
    washing it a week before. Contrary to popular beliefs that our hair should be
    extremely dirty before relaxing, it is good to relax with a clean scalp by
    washing your hair a week or 2 before your relaxer session.
  • Detangled my hair properly with my fingers to avoid
  • Applied Olive oil to all of my hair both new growth
    and previously relaxed hair.
  • Using the half and half method by Jen of Just Grow
    Already, sectioned my hair into two and made 1 – inch twists in each section.
  • Based my scalp, edges and nape with Vaseline. Should
    have based the top of my ears but I forgot. Luckily, relaxer didn’t get to my
  • Covered the front half with 2 plastic caps and hair
    clips (which by the way didn’t stop water from entering it).
  • Starting from the middle, I applied the already
    mixed relaxer (relaxer + activator + olive oil) to my back half. Application
    and smoothing took 10 minutes. I used ORS Olive oil No-Lye relaxer Normal strength.

  • Rinsed out the relaxer with warm water and clarified
    5 times; 4 using Dark and Lovely Neutralizing shampoo from my previous kit and
    the 5th (fifth) using Olive oil creamy Aloe shampoo that came in the
    kit.  I wanted be sure there was no
    single trace of relaxer left.
  • Applied Organics Hair Mayonnaise for 5 minutes and
    rinsed with cool water.
  • Relaxed my front half using the same process
    although application and smoothing took 18 minutes because the sections were not
    exactly equal.
  • Once I was done with both halves, I neutralized the
    whole hair again using Olive Creamy Aloe Shampoo.
  • Deep conditioned with Organics Hair Mayonnaise, ORS
    Replenishing conditioner (came in the kit) and Motions Moisture plus
    conditioner for 30 minutes with my new heat cap.
  • Rinsed with cool water and let my hair air dry.
  • Applied my leave-ins; Mega Profective leave-in
    strengthener and Elasta QP Olive Oil and mango butter when my hair was 70% dry.

In the evening, I applied the Olive oil incredibly
rich oil Moisturizing hair lotion that came in the kit and my Organics Smoother
and Polisher Serum before using my hair straightener.

Without further ado, here’s my length check;

I gained an inch from my last relaxer session in
January and I’m super pleased. I was so sure that after my setback while taking
out my crochet braids (I accidentally chopped off my ends) I would not have
retained length at all. I guess all the TLC and hard work I gave my hair paid
Also, I was so sure I had relaxed my hair bone
straight till I rinsed out the relaxer. Lol!! I’m glad I’m still texlaxed even
though I still have quite a lot of bone straight ends.

My edges are growing…yaaaaaay!!!

Pro’s of this texlax Session

  • I retained length. *yaaaaaay*
  • I’m almost at armpit length. *whoops*

  • My hair was itchy before I relaxed and despite my
    attempts to not itch I did and it resulted in scalp burns. I literally cried
    because my scalp hurt like crazy as soon as I applied the relaxer. I should
    have known better. I’ve been babying my scalp by applying olive oil to the
    burns and basically leaving my hair alone.
  • Even though I was finally able to get my hair clips
    and attempt using Jen’s Half and Half method again, water still entered into
    the upper half of my hair and I had to wait for it to dry before applying the
    relaxer. I definitely have to find my own method now. How do you ladies use
    this method without getting water into the upper half?
Moving forward I may consider stretching for only 16
weeks as my hair didn’t react nicely to this stretch. Well that’s it ladies!

Any recent texlaxed or relaxed sessions? I’d love to
hear all about it.

Have a blessed weekend and congratulations Nigerians
on our new President.


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