Wash Day – Pre-relaxer Prep

Hi ladies. I’m back!!! I’ve been busy attending a
training which lasted for 2 weeks and took up most of my time. I’m sorry I was
away for so long. I washed my hair last week Wednesday and I think it’ll go
down in history as the fastest washday I’ve ever had. Lol!!!

In my last post I had said I was going to relax but
then I realized I didn’t have time and I wasn’t fully prepared either so I
moved it till this week hopefully. To cut the long story short, here’s how my
washday went;
  • Detangled my hair first with my fingers and then a
    wide toothed comb and put my hair into plaits.
  • Washed with Vo5 shampoo twice because my hair was
    very dirty.
  • Did a tea rinse with 2 bags of Lipton green tea
  • Deep conditioned With Motions Moisture Plus conditioner
    and Organics Hair Mayonnaise for 20 minutes with my new heat cap. (Details will
    up on it soon).
  • Rinsed thoroughly and t-shirt dried to soak up the
    excess water.
  • Applied my leave-ins Elasta Qp Olive oil and Mango
    butter and Mega Profective leave-in strengthener when my hair was 70% damp and
  • Sealed with Olive oil and Jbco for my edges and
  • Put my hair into 2 side braids and was out the door
    as fast as my legs could carry me cos I was late for my training.

I’ve been moisturizing and sealing almost regularly
and trying to avoid itching or scratching my scalp. I’m about 90% ready for my
relaxer day, I just need to get 2 more important products and I’m good to go.
Hopefully this relaxer session will be better than
my last (read post here) and I would have retained length even with all my
How did your washday go ladies and how do you
prepare for your relaxer session?

Have a blessed week ahead…


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