Birthday Post – Wash day (Perm rods Set)


Hiiiii ladies. I’m sure you’ve already guessed it was
my birthday yesterday. I should have put up a post but you know how birthdays
are with calls, messages and all. Anyways I had a fab day and showed me some self-love.
Lol!!!I was going to make a braids wig for my birthday but
didn’t have the time so I rocked a perm rods set instead.

My washday over the
weekend was pretty simple. Here’s how it went;

  • Detangled my hair first with my fingers and then a
  • Put my hair in calabar braids and washed twice with ORS HAIRepair Invigorating shampoo. It’s a Sulfate –free shampoo with Mint and
    Rosemary for dry hair and scalp. Review would be up once I’ve tested how my
    hair responds to it.
  • Rinsed with warm water.
  • Deep conditioned with Motions Moisture plus Conditioner, Ors
    Replenishing Conditioner and Organics Hair Mayonnaise for 30 minutes with heat.
  • Rinsed with cool water to seal in the moisture.
  • Air dried and applied my leave-ins when 60% dry;
    Mega Profective leave-in strengthener and Elasta QP Olive Oil and mango butter.
    Sealed with coconut oil.

Left: London                         Right: Wuse Market
I used 21 perm rods all over my head. I applied
water as I installed to the parts of my hair that was dry because it took me
about 2 hours to install. I bought the perm rods in the packet from Wuse market
and I had a friend buy the one in the round container from London. Hopefully I’ll
put up a post on my recent product buys soon.
I loved how the curls turned out. Although, my
relaxed ends curled and my roots where more or less stretched. I made a side
part while installing the rods and I’m glad it still came out good. I couldn’t leave
the curls like that so I fluffed them with my hands and then a comb. Twisted one
side and pinned it and did a roll and tuck on the other side.
I Love how my head accessory made me look like a queen
I made myself up and I think I’m getting better at
it and I love love this gown!!
By the way, we have a winner for the giveaway. I
tried using Raffle copter and just couldn’t understand its complicated process
even though they claim it’s pretty easy. 
So I went with Random.org (don’t know
why I didn’t just use that at first) and out of 3 valid entries the winner is
ETIGWAM! Congrats girl!!! Please send an email to momashairjourney@gmail.com to
confirm your location and how your products can be delivered. Thank you to
everyone who participated in the giveaway.

                                        Image result for pictures of happy birthday to me
Also a big thank you for the birthday wishes either
on Instagram or Facebook or by email. God bless 
you!!! Happy birthday to me *whoop whoop*!

How was your washday ladies?!


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