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Product Review – Hair Steamer

Hi ladies. You’ve probably seen a picture or 2 of me
using my new heat cap. I love this heat cap because unlike my other one I can
regulate the temperature and my curls from protective styles last longer.

Name of ProductHair care spa beauty steamer

Price: $7.39

Color: Pink    

Packaging: It came wrapped in a transparent bag and
sealed in a grey package.

Description: The Heat cap came with a purple
protective cap to prevent direct heat to the hair. It has an adjustment by the
side to adjust the cap to fit the size of the owners head. 
It also has a zip that separates the inner lining from the cap itself. The pink part of the cap is actually where the ring is attached and the transparent lining prevents your hair from direct contact with the
hot ring. There’s an off and on switch and you can regulate the temperature from low to high.

My analysis: I’ve loved this cap from the moment I saw
it. I had a friend help me order it online and I had to wait for a month before
I finally got it. Once I started using it, I knew it was worth the wait. Apart from
the fact that it’s not expensive ($7.39 is about ₦1,470.61), it’s pretty easy
to use. There were no instructions that came with it but I was able to get the
hang of it almost immediately.
The only downside is there isn’t there isn’t constant
electricity so I try to wash my hair in the evenings when I’m sure there would
be light or the generator will be on. Apart from that I love love this hair
steamer!!! I would put up a post of my recent product buys and the new ones I’ve
added to my stash. I think I can say now that I’m officially a product junkie!

Have you purchased any new item recently?

Have a blessed week ladies…


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