Washday Same ‘Ol! Same ‘Ol!!

Hi Ladies. Welcome to a new week. This week will be
filled with untold blessings for us. We would have open doors in areas we never
thought could be opened in Jesus name. Amen! My weekend was busy but awesome.
Hope yours was too?! In other news, I’ve started playing Volleyball again
*whoop* *whoop*. I used to play this sport a lot in secondary school but
stopped when I entered the University and started again in Nysc camp. I’m so
glad I’ve revived my love for this sport.

Washday was amazing this past weekend. I pulled out
all the stops to give my hair its much deserved Tlc. I’m glad I did because my
hair thanked me for it. Lol!
  • Detangled hair with my fingers and a wide toothed
    comb and made calabar braids.
  • Pre-pooed with Coconut, Olive and Peppermint oil and
    Shea butter for 10 minutes with heat. (I haven’t pre-pooed in ages which is
    terrible and neither have I used shea butter in the longest of times).
  • Washed thrice with Ors HaiRepair Invigorating
    Sulfate – free shampoo. I washed thrice because my hair still felt oily after
    the first 2 washes. I guess I must have been heavy – handed with the oils.
  • Rinsed thoroughly with warm water.
  • Did a tea rinse with 2 bags of Lipton Green tea
    steeped in hot water and cooled to room temperature. I’d been experiencing some
    shedding so I knew a tea rinse was in order.
  • Deep conditioned over the tea with Organics Hair
    mayonnaise and Ors Replenishing conditioner mixed with olive oil for 20 minutes
    without heat and 20 minutes with heat.
  • Rinsed thoroughly with cool water and air-dried.
  • Applied my leave-ins when 70% dry: Mega Profective
    leave-in strengthener, Motions Nourish leave-in conditioner and what was left
    of my Elasta Qp Olive Oil and mango butter. The smell of the motions though,
    turned me off completely. Not sure which one I dislike the most between it and
    the Triple action leave-in conditioner.
  • Continued air drying using the scarf method till my
    hair was about 95% dry and then made side braids which is why this post is
    titled “Same ‘ol”. 

Side braids is one of my go – to styles when I’ve run out of
ideas or I’m just being pretty lazy and in this case it was a mix of both. I
did run out of ideas but I’ve also been lazy in making my braids wig. I really
hope I get to do it this week and show y’all.

This washday went pretty well except for my shedding
which may not look like its much but I felt it was too much. Hopefully the tea
rinse helped! Apart from my shedding, my hair was extremely soft. Cheers to another
awesome washday!!!
How did your washday go ladies?


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