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Crochet Braids In!!!

Hi ladies. Long time no post! I was reading a post by Berry Dakara on her blog and I felt like she was talking about me. Lol! I
haven’t put up a post in while because I’ve been using the same methods for my
washdays and didn’t have anything new to show you guys. But I realized that
there are more informative posts I can put up apart from my regular
washday posts and I was challenged yet again by reading Berry Dakara’s post.
Perfect timing Berry!!!

You can tell from the title that I’ve installed
crochet braids again. I love how crochet braids allow me to look chic and still
protect my hair at the same time. It’s like having the best of both worlds! Check
out my posts here and here on the crochet braids styles I’ve installed in the
Source: Instagram +Thatigbochick 
For this style, I was inspired by a picture I came
across on Instagram of Dimma of That Igbo Chick. I love how the hairstyle framed
her face and was determined to replicate the same style for myself. Without further
ado, here’s how I installed this crochet braids style.
I’ve tried using this particular hair before but had
serious troubles in tying the knot so I had a friend help me out this time. Thanks
Maggie. She’s been featured on Feature Friday here on the blog.
Hair: Royal Silk Supreme Double Ponytail Braid
No of Packs Used: 4
Hair Type: Synthetic
Price: N500
I washed my hair 2 weeks to this install and even
though I wash on a weekly basis, I decided not to wash prior to my install to
avoid manipulation. Just as in the picture above, tiny cornrows were made in
the front of my hair and bigger ones at the back. The hair isn’t plenty in the
packet which was why I used 4. So if you have fuller and longer hair you may
have to use more. Each packet has 2 packs of hair attached to each other (see
picture below).

 It took 4 hours to finish my hair and I was exhausted by the
time we were done. I even had swollen feet from sitting for so long. Lmao!!

Halfway done
Exhausted from sitting for so long
I love this hair and would most likely do it again
but in a different way. The ends of this hair are curled and I love it. My only
problem is its synthetic and synthetic hair has a way of tang  ling and destroying the look of the weave. I
would have preferred if there’s a human hair version of it.
I haven’t rocked any styles with my new hair other
than pulling it into a low ponytail at the back. But trust that I’ll post any
style I rock and I intend to rock as many as possible. Knowing myself and my
hair, I’d probably not keep this hair for long but fingers crossed that I do.
What new styles have you rocked ladies?

Have a blessed weekend…


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