Protective Style

Protective Style – Weave in, Weave out!

Hi ladies. Long time no post!! The past 2 weeks have
been crazy. I had an exam to write and then I went on a mini vacay. Lol! Well
I’m back now and very excited to tell you what my hair has been upto.

I installed a weave prior to my exam because I
didn’t want to be stressed with moisturizing and sealing constantly. I was
supposed to make a U-part wig but it didn’t turn out right. I had cut 2 wig
caps already before I realized cutting out the “U” should have been the last
step so I decided to install the weave on my head instead since I couldn’t
replace the wig cap immediately.

Installing the weave was pretty simple even though
it was my first time. Although, it took me 4 long hours and I probably pricked
myself with the needle a dozen times. By the time I was done I was so exhausted
I didn’t take pictures till the next morning. 
Since my original plan was to install a U-part wig, I had already made
my hair into cornrows leaving some parts of the front out for the U-part. So I
installed the weave in the same manner.
Before installation, I had washed, deep conditioned
and air-dried my hair following my normal methods. I did these 2 days to the
installation. It’s important to have a clean scalp before installing any kind
of weavon.
I used 2 packs (14 & 16 inches) of a new human
hair called “Hot chocolate”. This is the first time I’m using this hair and I
must say I was not impressed. Prior to my hair journey, weaves were my all-time
favourite particularly “Chocolate and Passion”. If you live in Nigeria you’ve
probably heard of these weaves or used them multiple times like I have. Lol!
These weavons are human hair and for ladies who couldn’t afford the then
expensive “Indian, Peruvian, Malaysian, Brazilian” kinds of human hair, these
were the next best thing.
I decided to use this hair because I was looking for
a new type of human hair but I think I’ll just stick to my Chocolate and
Passion. The one thing I didn’t like about this weavon was its shedding. It
sheds like crazy!! I was afraid I’ll wake up one morning and find out that all
the hair had shed from the weft. Lmao!! Apart from the shedding, it’s soft and
can be curled just like any other human hair. Unfortunately I loosened my hair
on Sunday as I’d reached my limit coping with the shedding.  I had this hair on for only a week and 2 days.
I just had to do a length check. Lol!
I don’t have a lot of pictures with this weave on
because I didn’t like the way it was shedding so I couldn’t experiment with
various styles. I only curled it once and I loved the way it turned out.
Curls still a bit intact after 4 hours
I haven’t installed a weave in almost a year which
is technically when I started my hair journey so I was really scared of my
edges and having another setback. But none of these happened. My edges have
improved and I can see length in my hair too *whoop  whoop*. Cheers to installing the protective
I had my washday last night/early this morning and
will put up a post on how it went within the week. My hair has been acting all shades
of crazy especially the line of demarcation. Please remember me in your hair

What new styles have you tried recently ladies?

Have an awesome week ahead…


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