First Twitter Conversation – #AskMoma


Hi ladies. I had my very first live twitter
conversation on Monday *whoop whoop*. It started by 9:00am and officially ended
by 10:00pm.

The inspiration behind this was I get asked a lot of
questions on hair and hair care by my readers and random persons who can’t be bothered
to read the blog. Lol! So I decided to use twitter to give them an opportunity
to ask me all their burning hair questions in a fun way. I’m pleased to say
that it was amazing and I’m thinking of doing it more often. Below is a breakdown
of a few questions I was asked. Most of them have inspired me to write a full
blog post especially how I started my hair journey so watch out for more
informative posts on the blog.







I learnt a lot of things while answering the questions
and they are;
  • Some ladies believe that you must have a lot of
    money to start a hair journey especially when it comes to buying hair products.
  • Some ladies believe that being natural is much
    cheaper than being relaxed.
  • Most ladies are looking for the easiest and quickest
    method in growing their hair especially their edges. My answer is always the
    same to this question – PATIENCE!!!
  • Any question I found difficult to answer I simply
    referred them to hair bloggers I knew were experts in those areas. I wouldn’t
    want to mislead my readers by giving them false information and it also
    challenges me to go learn the areas about hair care I don’t know very well.
By the time #AskMoma was over, my fingers were
exhausted but I was satisfied and most importantly fulfilled. I am so glad I was
able to help these ladies and guys understand basic principles about hair and
hair care and it was definitely worth it.
I look forward to more #AskMoma in the nearest
future so keep asking your questions ladies…I’m here to answer as always. My
twitter handle still remains @hildayaila and you can still use the hashtag
I’d like to say a very big THANKYOU to everyone
(reader and hair blogger) who participated in this twitter conversation. God
Bless y’all…

Have a blessed week ahead…


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