How I Started My Hair Journey With No Money

Hi ladies. Welcome to the end of another great week.
Hope we all achieved our goals for this week or tried to achieve them? We’re
almost mid – August and the year will soon end in about 4 months. This year is
literally flying!!! I’m taking us on a trip down memory lane today.

Starting My Hair Journey

Starting my hair journey was simple and complicated.
Simple because I’d done my research and gotten most of my facts right and
complicated because I didn’t have money to buy the hair products I needed. I
started my hair journey sometime in July. I was still doing my NYSC –  National Youth Service Corps and I was posted
to an office. Luckily, I was the company secretary and had unlimited access to
internet. One day I was really bored and decided to Google how to make my hair grow
and I came across a lot of hair blogs. The one that stood out to me the most
was Lade of Rehairducation. I was completely shocked that a full – blooded Nigerian
could have waist length hair without hereditary genes. Lol! I read all her blog
posts in one day and liked how she made it easy to understand by explaining
everything I needed to use, how and why I needed to use them. I always refer
newbies to her blog!! Anyways, I took off my weave that same day, bought a wig
and I haven’t looked back ever since.
Buying My products on a Budget
While serving, I wasn’t paid my allowance for eight
(8) months because I redeployed so I didn’t know how I was going to buy my hair
products. But the office where I served was paying me N10,000 a month and even
though that was way too small, I made do and bought my essentials; a wig
(N2,000), Castor oil (N350), Olive oil (N250) and Dark and Lovely Moisture plus
conditioner (N600). Total = N3,200. I also had a bottle of water because I read
somewhere that water is the ultimate moisturizer and I totally agree.
Olive oil
Every morning and evening without fail, I’d moisturize
and seal my hair and sleep with a silk scarf. Gradually, I bought my deep conditioner
(Ors Hair Mayonnaise = N700), V05 Shampoo and Conditioner (500 each). I would also
wash my hair every weekend, deep condition and apply my leave-ins. I basically
left my hair and watched it thrive due to low manipulation. Just before I
passed out in October (passing out means finishing your service and collecting
your certificate), Nysc finally paid all my allowances. I was overjoyed!! After
paying my tithe of course I marched straight to Casabella and bought all the
products I’d been eyeing. Everyone thought I was crazy to have waited so long
for my money and then spend it on hair products but I knew it was worthwhile. I
also bought my Vivica Fox Kara wig which I’ve used for almost a year now and
the curls are still intact.
Starting Length Sept 2014
October 2014
Vivica Fox Kara Wig
December 2014
Second Relaxer Session January 2015
April 2015
Third Relaxer Session May 2014
Curlformer Set August 2015…VOLUME!!!
So to all the ladies who want to start a hair journey
and think you need to break a bank to do so, you don’t!!! You can start your
healthy hair journey with water and Olive or Castor oil just as I did and
gradually buy the other products you need.
Patience is the ultimate key in starting and
maintaining a hair journey so don’t feel discouraged if you can’t afford all
the things you need now. Take your time by buying the essentials and then
gradually adding the rest.
I hope you found this post useful?
Have an amazing weekend ladies…


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