Washday – Curlformers

Hi ladies. Welcome to the beginning of a wonderful
and fun-filled weekend. So I took out my crochet braids because I was getting tired
(as usual) and my scalp had become really itchy. I of course began to think of
a protective style and after reading the curlformer post by Uzo of Don’t Touch the Hair I decided to give curlformers another try. Read about my first
curlformers set here. Before installing these beauties I washed my hair and
here’s how it went;
  • Pre-pooed overnight with hot oils Olive and Coconut
    oil and raw shea butter.
  • The next morning I sat under my heat cap for 30
    minutes to allow the oil penetrate my scalp.
  • Washed twice with Olive oil Creamy Aloe Shampoo (my
    hair was still itchy afterwards so maybe I should have washed thrice or 4
  • Rinsed out the shampoo with warm water. I was
    totally looking forward to doing a tea rinse but I forgot to steep the tea in
    hot water prior to starting my washday. I hope I don’t forget next week.
  • Deep conditioned with Olive oil Replenishing
    Conditioner and Ors Hair mayo for 40 minutes with heat.
  • Rinsed thoroughly with cold water.
  • Applied my leave-ins; Aphogee Keratin and Green Tea Restructurizer
    and my already mixed Mega Profective leave-in strengthener with coconut oil in
    a spray bottle.
  • To install I applied Organics Olive Oil Smoother and
    Polisher Serum to each section and combed through to avoid matting before
    installing the curlformer.

My friend got me these 45 cm curlformers on eBay for £14 approximately N4,900. I needed
to get longer curlformers after I found out the first set were too short for my
hair but by the time I saw the price online and with the exchange rate of the Naira
to foreign currency especially pounds, I basically changed my mind. She then
offered to buy them for me and send them too. I know, I have amazing friends…Thank
you Angie!! Anyways, she got 40 of these babies and no more hair sticking out.

Installation was pretty easy except where I learnt
the hard way not to try and put large sections of hair through the cf’s. I quickly
went back to check one of my fave hairspiration Jen of Just Grow Already to read
what she said about installing curlformers and she said installing in smaller
sections made it easier to glide the hair through the cf’s. I installed 27 cf’s
with the purple one’s going clockwise on my left and the yellow one’s going
counter clockwise on my right.
After installing I blow dried using my Super Mini
Blow dryer which I got sometimes in January from Jumia. I love how portable
this dryer is and even though I hardly use it because I air dry my hair; it
always comes in handy.
The next morning I took out the cf’s and voila!!! 


love love how my curls turned out. It’s a 
lil better and definitely much fuller than my first attempt. I didn’t separate the curls as I love them just the way they are. Thanks Uzo
for inspiring me to try Cf’s again.

What protective styles have you ladies tried lately?

Ps: I’m having my first Twitter (twitter handle is @hildayaila) conversation on
Monday to answer any questions you my amazing readers may have about hair and
hair care. It will start live by 9:00 am on Monday 10th August 2015
with the hashtag #AskMoma. I’d like to say though that I’m not a Trichologist
and will answer the questions based on my experiences and research since I started
my hair journey. I look forward to answering any questions you may have for me
so start writing those questions down ladies! Lol!!
Have a glorious weekend…


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