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My One Year Product Stash

Hi ladies. How was your weekend? Do you know the blog will be one year in a
month?! *whoop whoop*. There would be a giveaway to celebrate my One year
blogversary so watch out!! Have you ever
looked at your stash of hair products and wondered if you’re a hair junkie? I
guess the answer for most hair bloggers would be a big YES! Well I wonder if I am
too sometimes even though my stash isn’t as much as those who have been on their
hair journeys longer than I have. Another question I was asked a lot from my #AskMoma twitter conversation was what products were needed to start a healthy hair
journey. So I decided to put up a post today on my product stash, why I chose
these products, my staples and which ones I have discontinued and will


From Left to Right;
  • V05 Moisture Milks Moisturizing Shampoo – This is a
    sulfate shampoo I use when my hair is extremely dirty or I want to clarify. I use
    this every 3 weeks when I’m not on a protective style. I love this shampoo just
    for its strawberry fragrance. Lol!
  • ORS Olive Oil Creamy Aloe Shampoo – This is also a
    sulfate shampoo I use when I want to clarify as well. I use it interchangeably
    with the V05.
  • ORS HaiRepair Invigorating Shampoo – This is a
    sulfate – free shampoo with Rosemary and Mint for dry hair and scalp. This shampoo
    leaves a tingly feeling after use because of the mint in it.
  • Crème of Nature Detangling Conditioning Shampoo – I came
    across this shampoo by accident when I was looking for the other Crème of
    Nature sulfate – free shampoo. Apparently, it is the original one before the
    ones in the Orange bottle came around. Although it has just one sulfate, I consider
    it a sulfate-free shampoo.

I would definitely re-purchase the V05 and Creamy
Aloe shampoo. As for the Ors HaiRepair and Crème of Nature, I may find another
sulfate-free shampoo (I’m still eyeing Crème of Nature Argan Oil sulfate – free
and the new Ors Sulfate – free) to use or got back to my Giovanni.

Left to Right;
  • Motions Moisture Plus Conditioner – I’m in love with
    this conditioner and as far as it ingredients will not change I won’t stop
    buying it either. Its provides enough slip for my hair and softens my new
    growth like crazy. I use it to deep condition almost every washday.
  • Organics Hair Mayonnaise – This is a protein
    conditioner which I use to deep condition every washday. Before now I was using
    Organic Hair Mayonnaise until I found out it was almost the same price as
    Organics which is bigger. 
  • ORS Olive Oil Replenishing Conditioner – I love this
    conditioner and use it to deep condition alternatively with Motions on my washdays.
    By now I’m sure y’all know that I’m in love with Ors products. Hopefully I’d
    have their whole haul someday. Hair dreams…Lol!! For now I use their shampoo,
    conditioner, edge control and Relaxer.
  • V05 Moisturizing Conditioner and  Repair and Protect & Protect Strengthening
    Conditioner (not pictured) – I use this to co-wash though the last time I co –washed
    was probably at the beginning of the year. Co- washing helps to add moisture to
    the hair especially for ladies with extremely dry hair.

I would still re-purchase my Motions, Ors
replenishing conditioner, Hair Mayo and V05. Yaaaay to conditioners!!!
Moisturizers and Leave –ins

Left to Right;
  • Aphogee Keratin and Green Tea Restructurizer – This is
    a protein leave –in. I had a setback with this product which wasn’t its fault
    but totally mine because I used it to moisturize every day. I’ve learnt the
    hard way and would use this only on washdays or when my hair needs extra
  • Emily Millionaire – I use this product almost never.
    Lmao! I’m not a big fan of the smell though a lot of persons swear by it. The instructions
    say you can use it to deep condition but I use it to moisturize. I hope to use
    it more often this quarter and finish it cos I’ve had it for over a year now. Have
    any of you tried to use it to deep condition before?
  • Mega Profective Daily Leave-in Strengthener – This is
    another staple I love. I use it to moisturize every blessed day except the days
    I’m lazy. Lol! I’ve used it since I started my hair journey and will continue to
    do so.
  • Raw Shea Butter (in the empty Dax container) – Shea
    butter has amazing benefits for both hair and skin. Sadly I hardly remember to
    use this except for pre-poos once in a blue moon. Another product to start
    using more often this quarter.
  • Elasta Qp Olive Oil &Mango Butter Anti-breakage
    Leave-in Conditioner – I just bought this product yesterday and I don’t know
    how my hair will react to it for now but I guess it should react positively. I
    was using the regular Moisturizer pictured in my Products and Regimen page till
    I saw this.
  • Motions CPR Triple Action Leave-in Conditioner –
    Since I love my Motions Moisture plus I thought this conditioner would be okay
    too but I was so wrong. I think it’s my hair coupled with the smell but I’m not
    a big fan of this product.  You can read
    my review here.

I will still re-purchase Aphogee, Elasta Qp, Shea
butter and Mega Profective. Definitely not Motions and I’m not sure about Emily
Oil and Sealants

Left to Right;
  • Olive Oil – I use this oil as a pre-poo and sealant.
    When purchasing olive oil make sure its extra virgin and not vegetable oil. I pour
    into the smaller bottle from the big one.
  • Coconut Oil – I love coconut oil since I read about
    its magic for both hair and skin. I use this t pre-poo and as a sealant.
  • Jamaican Black Castor Oil – When I was doing my
    research on what oils to use for hair growth, this came up and I haven’t
    regretted it since. I use it for my edges, nape and scalp. It’s quite thick so
    some ladies dilute it with either olive or coconut oil.
  • Now Grapeseed Oil – This oil also has amazing
    benefits from cooking to hair to skin…name it! I use this too pre-poo and seal
    my hair.
  • Wilmart Hair Grow – This isn’t a popular product and
    it’s really sad because it performs magic for my edges especially when I’m
    protective styling. I hope to see more of it on shelves in hair stores soon.
  • Peppermint Oil (in the little black bottle) – I use
    this to pre-poo only. It is an essential oil and the only one I use for now. It
    makes my hair really soft and has a strong smell.

I will re-purchase all of the oils. Yaaaay oils too!

Left to Right;
  • Organics Olive Oil Smoother and Polisher Serum – I use
    this as a heat protectant only when I straighten my hair after a relaxer
    session or for a length check.
  • Jack 5ive Activator Moisturizer Gel – I use this as
    a holding product. I totally forgot about it till I was taking pictures for
    this post. Lol!
  • ORS Edge Control – For laid and smooth edges.
  • Ahmad Earl Grey Black Tea – I just bought this tea
    yesterday. Normally I use Lipton yellow and green tea and Twinings tea. Black
    Tea is used to control shedding and give hair strength. Jen of Just Grow
    Already has several posts on tea rinses.
  • Lipton Yellow and Green Tea – Same as black tea. Green
    tea isn’t pictured.
  • Twinings Tea (not pictured) – Same as black tea.

I would re-purchase all these teas and add more to
the stash.
I’m a fan of staples and as much as I love to explore I also try to use what my hair likes to avoid setbacks. So am I a hair junkie or nah?! I hope you found this post helpful. Please feel free to
drop your questions and comments below. Thank you.

Have a lovely week ahead ladies…


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