Washday – Knotless Braids

Hi Ladies. How have y’all been? I washed my hair
over the weekend after 2 weeks of not washing it. I had to start washing
bi-weekly after experiencing breakage from my protein overload. Before I talk
about how my washday went, I’d like to say a very BIG thank you to all my
readers and fellow hair bloggers for your comments and advice. My hair has
stopped breaking now and is in a good place – so good that I installed knotless
braids. Lol!

I joined the 30 days challenge of hot oil treatments by Jay of Relaxed Thairapy and Jen of Just Grow Already which basically means
using any oil of your choice for hot oil treatments for the next 30 days. For my
hot oil treatment, I’ll be using Grapeseed oil, Olive oil, Peppermint oil and
Jbco (mainly for my edges and scalp).

Now here’s how my washday went;
  • Detangled my 2 week post wash hair with coconut oil,
    my fingers and a wide –toothed comb then made 6 big twists instead of the
    normal calabar braids.
  • Pre-pooed with Hot oils; Peppermint, Grapeseed and
    Olive oil for 30 minutes with heat. To make my oils hot, I mix the oils I want to
    use for my pre-poo in a bowl, microwave it for 20 minutes and apply it to my
    scalp. Most times, I like the oils to still be hot till I’m done oiling my
    scalp so I mix them in a bowl, and put the bowl in a bigger bowl of hot water
    so the oils remain hot till I’m done.
  • Washed thrice with Crème of Nature Detangling and Conditioning Shampoo and Ors Sulfate-free shampoo. I used the Crème
    of Nature twice and the Ors once.
  • Did a tea rinse with 2 bags of Lipton tea (1bag
    green tea and 1bag normal tea) steeped in hot water 2 hours prior to my
    washing my hair.
  • Deep conditioned with Ors Replenishing Conditioner
    for my roots and Organics Hair Mayonnaise for my ends for 30 minutes with heat.
  • Rinsed with cool water to seal in the moisture
    though my twists were beginning to unravel at this point. Loosened the twists
    and air-dried in sections till my hair was 70% dry.
  • Moisturized and sealed with Mega Profective Leave-in
    Strengthener & Motions CPR triple action leave-in Conditioner and Grapeseed oil for the
    length of my hair and then Jbco for edges and nape.
  • Put my hair back into the twists and let it dry

On Monday night, my sister made the knotless braids.
I used Expressions braid attachment and cut it into 5. I used 1.5 out of the 5
I cut. I first saw this style on Instagram by Dabs of Naija Hair Can Grow and I’ve
wanted to make mine too.

I’m glad I have now as this gives me a break from my
hair and won’t allow me suffer any more setbacks like the crochet braids. Making
knotless braids is quite easy and Dabs explained it well on her blog – read post here. You can also watch YouTube videos. I love how this braid is different
from the normal braids as there’s no pulling or tugging or picking the tiny
strands of hair at my edges just to make the braids look neat.It also doesn’t allow the base of the hair to
matt unlike normal braids thereby reducing breakage. I would
definitely keep this hair in for long and for my stretch as I’m currently 16
weeks post relaxer and hope to stretch to 20 weeks before relaxing again.

Ps: While my sister was sectioning my hair, she
noticed a lot of dry flakes at the back of my hair. Initially we both though it
was dandruff as I used to suffer from constant dandruff prior to my hair
journey. After thinking and trying to go over my regimen in my head for the
past one month I realized it was because I had started washing bi-weekly. My
hair loves water and thrives with it and hates dirt with a strong passion.
Lool! Washing every week means having a clean scalp all the time so I guess it
wasn’t happy about the bi-weekly washdays. I’d go back to washing weekly once I
take out my braids and may even wash with the braids installed. Let’s see how
that goes.

What new styles have you made ladies?

Have a Blessed week Ahead…


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