Blog Action Day!

Hi ladies. How have you been? Long time no post. First
I’d like to say HAPPY 55th INDEPENDENCE NIGERIA!!! May all Nigerians
live long and prosper. Amen!

I was on twitter recently when I saw a tweet about Blog Action Day. Prior to now, I’ve never heard about it so I quickly asked my
friend – Google. FYI Google is the best friend anyone can have cos it answers
all my crazy questions without complaint. Lmao! Okay back to what I was saying…so
I googled it and was really impressed that bloggers can have a forum to come
together and discuss various issues and also get to meet other bloggers. Secretly;
I’ve always wondered why there is no blog association or something. Maybe I should
start one yeah?!
Anyways, Blog Action Day started in 2007 and since
then one day is picked every year where Bloggers, Vloggers, Pod casters,
Photographers and all other kinds of social media personnel come together to discuss one important issue affecting the environment. This year’s event will
be on the 16th of October with the theme #RaiseYourVoice. I don’t
know if you’re excited but I’m super-duper excited! I’ve never participated in
anything like this before so I’m really looking forward to the 16th.
Their tags will be #RaiseYourVoice #BAD2015 #Oct16.
Please visit their website and register quickly.
This is an opportunity you don’t want to miss.

Have an amazing and blessed weekend ladies and watch
out for my post on Monday. 


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