Post Relaxer Trim + Deep Conditioning on Dry Hair + Protective style

I know I have been
slacking with my post for a few months now and I’m here to apologize today. I’ve
gotten really lazy because my washday routines are mostly the same. I hope to
keep my word and fulfill my blog goals for the year. I’d like to thank all you
ladies who constantly check the blog for new posts and leave me encouraging
comments. Y’all the real MVP!

I washed my hair 2 weeks
ago but didn’t bother sharing because there was nothing to share really. Washed
my hair as usual and put it in a bun throughout the week. This week I
challenged myself to do a new protective style before its time to put my hair
back under a wig. I saw a style by Yemi of Let’s grow our hair and decided to
try it out too. I’ve never been a fan of French braids probably cos it was my
permanent style while growing up and I’ve never liked how it made my hair look
so small. I’m sure y’all know I love big hair to compliment my small cute head.
Lol!! Anyways, here’s how my washday went;
  • Detangled with my
    fingers, my Annie comb and coconut oil. I really should do a review of the
  • Deep conditioned on dry
    hair for 45 minutes using both Organics Hair mayonnaise for my ends and Motions
    Moisture Plus for my roots. My hair felt moist and soft like butter. Lool! This
    is my first time deep conditioning on dry hair and I must say I loveeee it!!!
    It takes more products though but it’s worth it.
  • Rinsed with cool water
    and washed with Ors HaiRepair Invigorating Sulfate-free shampoo. 
  • Conditioned for 5
    minutes without heat with Ors replenishing conditioner.
  • Air dried till my hair
    was basically 20% dry and trimmed. My relaxed ends have been annoying and
    breaking to make matters worse. This trim was well overdue. I must have
    trimmed at least 2- 3 inches of hair in some parts. By the time I was done I knew
    my breakage worries were over and it was so worth it.
Texlaxed hair vs relaxed ends

Relaxed ends be gone!!!
  • Applied my leave-ins
    Mega Profective leave-in strengthener and Elasta QP olive oil and mango butter
    and sealed with coconut oil. Proceeded to install the perm rods and
    covered with my satin scarf before going to bed.

The next morning I took
out the perm rods and guess what?! My hair didn’t curl. I laughed so hard cos I
knew it wouldn’t. I simply combed out the curls and put my hair in a loose
On Tuesday I decided to
try something else and after seeing the French braid and side sweep by Yemi I
attempted it on my hair and I think it turned out great.

PS: Lest I forget, the
blog will be ONE on the 25th that’s (Sunday). Any special ideas for
this special day would be welcomed with open arms just leave a comment below. Thank
you. Back to my protective style.
For today I put my hair
into tiny twists yester night and loosened the twists this morning to give my
side sweep some texture and make it look fuller.

Overall I think I’m
getting better at protective styling and my hair looks okay without the thin
relaxed ends.

What’s up with your hair
ladies…have a blessed week ahead.


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