First Wash day Post of the Year

Hi ladies. How is your week going and how was your weekend? Mine is and was awesome! So I’ve tweaked my regimen a bit from washing weekly to bi-weekly.
I did this because I realised my hair needed way less manipulation during the Harmattan period in December which surprisingly seems to have continued in January here in Abuja.
I’ve been protective styling using a wig for the past few months. For a while I wasn’t happy with the wig because of its colour and texture but I’ve found a way to style it and I’m loving it. Now to my washday post;

  • My hair had been in braids for about 2 weeks and to be honest I had barely moisturised nor sealed. So to detangle, I used Motions Moisture Plus conditioner and used my heat cap for 5minutes to soften my hair. 
  • Then I detangled using my fingers alone. Detangling was a breeze as the conditioner provided enough slip. (Ps: I haven’t combed my hair in a month because I’m trying to see if it would work for me). 
  • I washed with Ors Creamy aloe shampoo twice and rinsed with warm water.
  • Deep conditioned with Organics Hair mayonnaise and Ors replenishing conditioner for 20 minutes with heat.
  • Rinsed with cool water and t-shirt dried before air drying. 
  • Moisturised and sealed when my hair was 70% dry with Mega profective leave-in strengthener, Elasta Qp olive oil and mango butter and Coconut oil. I used Jamaican Black Castor oil for my edges. 
  • Put my hair into 2 side braids and tied a satin scarf to bed.
The next day I went back to wigging. I’m presently in week 2 post washday and I’m 17 weeks post relaxer. I’m seriously considering doing my next relaxer touch up soon as I have so many textures on my head I can’t seem to control. My hair is also not retaining moisture which is another sign for me to relax. My ends need a serious trim much to my dismay but I’m hoping to do so after I relax.
I’ll put up the post of my new Diy wig soonest so please bear with me. For now enjoy this picture of my relaxed (2013) vs my texlaxed hair (2015). I think I’ve come a long way what do you think??

So what’s up with your hair ladies? Have a blessed week ahead…


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