Happy New Year and Hair Goals 2016

Happy New Year ladies. Welcome to another amazing year with a fresh start, creative ideas and all of God’s blessings.

I love starting a new year because it gives me a clean slate to work with through the year. Hopefully I can fulfill all my personal and hair goals and keep my resolutions as well. A lot of bloggers have put up their hair goals for this year and I’m no different. This blog is my open diary and I’m answerable to you all if I don’t keep my hair goals.

My goals this year are based on my setbacks and experiences from last year.

  • Length – I hope to retain length this year as I chopped off a lot of my unhealthy ends last year and didn’t retain as much length as I’d have wanted. But considering I’ve only been on this journey for a year I think my present hair length is good.
  • Fuller Ends– I hope to also take care of my ends better than I did last year. I battled with inverted V last year so I hope to have fuller are nd healthier ends this year.
  • Vitamins – I took the hair infinity vitamins last year for 30 days and I retained about 3 inches. This year I’d like to try it again and also the menatabolism vitamins which a lot of bloggers have raved about coupled with the ads I see on Instagram. 
  • Healthy Foods – I’m very bad at keeping a healthy and balanced diet. I also don’t take fruits regularly although I avoid products that have a lot of sugar.  I hope to do better this year by monitoring my diet and eating healthy. 
  • Water – I have the hydrocoach water app on my phone which I barely use. I need to do better with my water intake. Although,  I bought a water bottle so I can always drink water whenever I’m out especially at work.
Ps: I would also do better with updating posts on the blog and incorporate more protective styles. For now I’m protective styling using a wig which I made and would put up details later. #teamdiy
Well that’s all I can think of for now. What are your hair goals this year and how do you hope to maintain them?
Have a blessed day…


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