Huge News + Relaxer Update

Hi Ladies. Welcome to a new month. This post is long overdue as my hair is already 2 weeks post relaxer…Lool!! I’ve been MIA because I got a new job and relocated to another state!!! Settling down, finding accommodation and getting to know my way around has been a bit of a hassle but I’m getting the hang of things now little by little.
My relaxer session was no different from the past ones here and here (I relaxed at 19 weeks post relaxer) except that I left the relaxer on a for a longer time because I realised from my previous relaxer sessions that I always experience shedding a few weeks post relaxer. Since I started late, I didn’t end up sleeping till 2am and I was exhausted but happy that I’d achieved good results. No under processed or over processsed hair, no scalp burns and minimal shedding. #relaxerdayforthewin
After washing out the relaxer, air drying and moisturising I put my hair in a loose updo and went to bed.

The next day I flat ironed my hair but couldn’t take a length check picture as I’d packed up my length check shirt along with the rest of my things *sad face*. Anyways, I’m loving my hair texture and I think this is actually the first time I’ve texlaxed correctly. Lol! I’ve been moisturising and sealing regularly and right now my hair is in a loose updo. I tried using my curlformers after my last washday but it was an epic fail as the curlformer stick kept getting stuck in the curlformer itself. So I took it as a sign that my hair didn’t want any manipulation and just left my hair in an updo.
Since I don’t want to flat iron again I’d just wait till my next relaxer touch up and take a picture then. To be honest, I don’t think I retained length because I had to trim my ends especially after neglecting them for a while.

This year though I’ve decided to install twists as my protective style to reduce manipulation. Jen of Just Grow Already did this for a while and still does it and it has helped her retain length. I would put up a post once I install and monitor my hair while in them.

Okay so what’s been happening with your hair ladies? Do tell by dropping a comment below. 
Have a blessed weekend…


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