Protective Style

Protective Style – Nigerian Havana Twists!!!

Hi ladies. How have you been? I’ve finally put my hair in a protective style and I’m loving it. Before making the twists I washed my hair and here’s how my washday went;

  • Detangled my hair with my fingers and a wide toothed comb and put my hair into calabar braids.
  • Clarified twice with Ors Creamy aloe shampoo. I needed a clean scalp since I won’t be washing my hair for another 2 – 3 weeks.
  • Deep conditioned with Organics Hair mayonnaise and Ors replenishing conditioner for 1hr without heat.
  • Rinsed with cool water to seal my cuticles.
  • Air dried till my hair was 70% dry and applied my moisturizer; Dark and Lovely moisturizer and sealed with coconut oil.
  • Put my hair into 4 loose twists and tied with a silk scarf.
  • The next day I loosened the twists and sectioned my hair into 5 parts. Using the Invisible root method, I installed the jumbo twists.
I saw a lady with these twists last week and literally ran after her to find out the name and where she’d bought them from. In my head I was rejoicing that we finally have havana twists in Nigeria. Loool!! The name of this hair is Naomi Boom and I bought it for N600. There are 26 pre – twisted jumbo twists in a pack. I used 1 pack because it was the last one left at the hair store and I didn’t want my hair to be full. Since it was already pre-twisted, I had to loosen them before installing. I had considered installing them as crochet braids but my last 2 setbacks with crochet braids has made me cautious though do not be surprised if I decide to give it another try.

I love how light the twists feel and they certainly look like havana twists which as I said earlier was my first impression when I saw the hair. My only problem is the twists come in just one colour for now – Black. It would be nice if they start producing other colours.

I am proud of the fact that Nigerians have started being innovative and also how affordable this hair is. I’ve had the twists on for a week and intend to leave them on for 3 weeks before taking them out to avoid manipulation. For the next 2 weeks I intend to moisturise and seal daily and redo the front twists to avoid tension on my edges.

That’s all ladies…what been going on with your hair??


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