15 Random Facts About Me

Hi ladies. I’m sure we’re all in the tgif spirit…I am too. Today I’m letting you know a few things about me so sit back, relax and enjoy.

  • My full name is Mayemde Sorotasoko Yaila. Hilda is my adopted English name if there’s anything like that.
  • My birthday  is June 9th which is in a month and 3days *whoop*.
  • I have no brothers just 4 sisters. Yope we’re all girls and I’m the eldest. Plenty bride price abi?!
  • My favourite colour is purple and every shade of it though I’m falling in love with teal.
  • I love love curly hair be it weaves, braids or wigs. I’m a #curlyhairedgirl for life. Probably one of the reasons I decided to texlax

  • I love babies and would love to have Octuplets as per octomum goals eh. Lol!
  • I love food!! Most persons find it hard to believe because I’m slim but it’s the gospel truth. My friends can testify to it. 
  • I love reading novels but not inspirational books although I’m reading one inspirational book at the moment and I’m loving it.
  • I am a professional makeup artist o. I went to makeup school! So if you’d like me to make you up holla.

  • I can dance and sing for Africa though my main hobby is reading novels. I also love writing and traveling.
  • My dream country is Paris. I’ve had the dream of visiting or living there since I was a child. Anyone want to help my fulfill the visiting part? Lol!
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  • I am a jack of all trades. I can do anything as long as I put my mind to it and of course if it brings in money *smiles*. I make waffles, chapman and milkshakes for events. I also design candy corners too. I’m an events planner in the making, hair blogger and professional makeup artist. Despite all these I read Banking and Finance in the University (who would have thought). Lest I forget my business is registered.
  • I hardly follow fashion trends. I’d wear anything as far as it’s looks good and it’s comfortable. Flowing gowns, jeans and t-shirts are my best friends.
  • But I’m a shoe freak and don’t mind spending a little too much on them. Although thanks to jumia and other online websites, I can buy quality shoes on sales.
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  • I’m on almost all social media so follow me; Facebook – moma’s healthy hair journey |Twitter – momashairjouney |Instagram -momashairjourney |Snapchat – missyaila
  • Last but not the least I love you my readers and reading your comments gives me so much joy so pls leave some below…*hugs n kisses*

What else would you like to know about me?

Have a freaking awesome blastful weekend ladies.


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