HELP – Dandruff Invasion!!!

Ladies! Ladies! I need your help. My hair has been invaded by a hair blogger’s worst nightmare – DANDRUFF!!!

In my previous post I mentioned that my hair had been dull and dry for some reason I couldn’t quite figure out. If you follow me on Snapchat and you should (missyaila), there was a video where I explained how there’s hard water where I live and there had been so much mineral build up on my hair causing me to use a sulfate shampoo twice in 2 weeks. While surfing the internet for a solution I came across a post on hard water by Jen of Just Grow Already. Unfortunately, i haven’t moved into my own house yet so I cannot get a shower filter but I’m frantically looking for Apple Cider Vinegar.

Anyways, last weekend during my washday, I was sectioning my hair for a pre-poo and that’s when I saw the white flakes. At first I thought it was only in the front parts of my hair but the more I sectioned, the more the white flakes. I practically screamed – OMG DANDRUFF!!!!! If I could cry I would have but believe me when I say I was almost in tears. I gently used my comb to remove as much of the flakes as I could and then I washed my hair with Tresemme Moisturizing Shampoo for dry and dull hair. Read here for the full washday recap. The funny thing is I got the shampoo on a whim and didn’t even think it’ll come in handy but thank God It did.

After my washday, I went over my hair care from the past few weeks from washing to moisturizing and sealing to wigging etc and I discovered that apart from the hard water, my hair was mostly dry because I was more focused on my hair than on my scalp. Oiling our scalp is very important because that’s where our hair grows from.

Since I’ve discovered what most of the problem is I’m combating this dandruff by focusing on my scalp; incorporating more scalp massages and generally making sure my scalp is clean at all times. Currently my hair has been in twists from my washday so I can have direct access to my scalp when moisturizing and sealing.

These are the only problems I can think of so if you have any suggestions or solutions I’d be pleased to hear them.

Impromptu length check just to be sure dandruff didn’t steal my hair

Have a blessed and awesome weekend ladies…


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